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  1. I'm canceling my subscription to that joke of a magazine!
  2. I just gotta say gf's that this record is f-ing epic! Its the best record I've heard in many years! I love him His voice is amazing and right now i have goosebumps and tears! I have been playing it over and over. Cant pick a fav right now. So many awesome songs!
  3. ohhh!!! so this is first come, first serve general admission thing I assume?
  4. I sent one to myself as well as my mom
  5. Me toooo I really love that song! maybe it will be on the acoustic idk?
  6. It was an amazing show and the new songs slayed me. I seriously love that man! So nice to finally meet Stacey and I wish I had met some other people from here. Maybe next time. Thank you to all who took these excellent photos and videos for us to re live this show
  7. Today it's 43 pop and 96 overall. I'm interested to see the climb after tonight
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