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  1. it's all good i'll talk to you soon though! bye!
  2. i just wrote in there for the first time, i'm the loser lol. i was crying like the entire time too. that was some freaking hard stuff to get out. and don't worry about it, i had so much more to say too. i can never put things into words.
  3. yea for sure i miss talking to everyone on here, it was so much fun.
  4. awe i know! we need to plan a time to get everyone on here!
  5. ugh; this is only like 20 minutes from me. i wish i could've gone..
  6. i know seriously! lol. and he really needs to come to cali more often lol.
  7. yea; i don't think my mom is up for another show lol. this should be my b-day present though... haha
  8. HAH! i still can't believe that dude mentioned me and my mom in there, (mother and daughter from modesto...) yea.. when i told him we'd been waiting 8 hours he looked at me like i was insane. i think he eventually found out why haha thanks i'm just glad he ended up liking dave so much. he looked a little like when i told him how long some of us had waited. he finally got it though
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