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  1. His LEGS freakin KILL me. OMG he is luscious.
  2. Thanks so much. *crossing finger, toes, eyes.....* LOL
  3. Thanks so much!! I'll keep my eyes and ears open towards Campbell!!
  4. I can't seem to find out any details about this show. WHEN are the tickets going to go on sale and WHO has the tickets? I've checked TicketMaster and I've found nothing. Please, somebody HELP!!!!!!
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking for a picture. I need a LARGE B&W pic of David. I have this one, but I'd like another one about the same size. Got any??
  6. You are ALL my kind of women, WHOOOOO!!!
  7. The man sure is one of a kind, God did break the mold after David. He is perfection.
  8. I totally agree, the man NEVER looks bad.
  9. I found mine on Photo Bucket. I love it. The man just can't look bad. lol
  10. Great pic. Bo looks great, and David looks DELICIOUS!!
  11. HUMM, not sure, like I said I found it on Photobucket. BUt it looks like they are.
  12. I found my current Avi on photobucket. So if I'm ripping anybody off I'm sorry. Let me know if it's your creation.
  13. I enjoy so much looking at everybody's avi's. You guys have some really HOT avi's. Kudo's to everybody. We should have a avi thread, for everybody to post their fave avi's. Just an idea. ;-)
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