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  1. Podcasts are usually put up right after the interview has aired. (: 6AM PST
  2. My parents don't trust me or my friend driving down to Pechanga on NYE and the only way I can go is if my mom drives us but she needs a ticket first, I can pay my way in but she's not willing too pay for hers if I win then that means we have a ride and I can go lol...I only live 45mins away(:
  3. I thought the whole show turned out amazing(: his duet with Carrie for me was one of the best performances taped for the show still bummed it didn't air but Lie was amazing so happy his album got a huge boost on itunes from all this haha
  4. Their Van Halen duet was amazing and it'll suck if they don't air it :/ hopefully they can solve this issue before Monday...
  5. Yay I seen the commercial earlier(: yeahhh and those pictures were from soundcheck(:
  6. There's my question(: well if you want to call it a question haha
  7. I'll trend from my phone(: don't know if I'll be home if it makes it to #1...if it does make it to #1 someone should screencap haha(:
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