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  1. Coming out of the woodwork, like Jenny! I haven't been on here in a LONG time. But I wanted to check and see who is planning to go to this. My dh said yes I could go, I just gotta find the funds. i think I'll have that in a just a couple weeks if what i'm planning works out. I won't have to take time off, as I just left my job this week, to be home with my kids. So I'm looking forward to this as a mommy break and hopefully find a way there. My Chicago girls aren't going and my Cali friend isn't coming. So i gotta find someone to connect with for rooms/transport etc.
  2. Jamie, I am so sad. but I completely understand your decision. We've struggled on whether to make this trip or not, ourselves. It sounds like the right one for you. You will be missed but we'll see you soon, i'm sure!
  3. I have available two tix for 12/30 row G-right. Face Value ($75). Please email me at cntrypmpkn@yahoo.com if you are interested, as I don't pop in here to get pm's as frequent.
  4. darn. wish you knew what row they were. do they have balcony? or is the mezzanine, just the back part of the floor seating? we currently have first row of mezzanine. If it's actually balcony, that might not be so bad.
  5. Yup catching up with Jamie on 12/30...our flight into SNA lands are the same time. perfect. DH and I just have to decide where we are staying. and rent the car. I'm also still trying to upgrade tix for 12/31. It's our anniversary celebration (15yrs) and I dont' want to be in the back that night.
  6. My van is having problems. Today of all days. It's in the shop and they are going to try to get it done by 4pm for me to leave. PLEASE let it get done. I don't want to miss this!! I will be in serious tears if I do.
  7. I thought it was included since David said to check his site for the final dates. and those are included.
  8. Is anyone able to find pix of the venue? any pix with the view from the stage? so we can see how it's laid out?
  9. What happened if I may ask??? Christina I really can't say. just really disappointed in some people and how this whole situation occurred.
  10. nope I won't have extras...just got screwed over. oh well. I still have Jess' tix. FML
  11. Thank you so much Jess for the tix. I sent paypal already as agreed. As I hung up with you, another person had tix for me. So I'll be selling my extras. How did I go from nothing and giving up on this trip to having too many tix?? wow!!! I'm still trying to sort it all out.
  12. FAIL Couldn't get anything to come up for NYE. and I even tried the 30th. not a single seat. WTF??? I was on right at 1pm. Guess we aren't meant to go to this for our 15th anniversary.
  13. trying to see if dh and I can do this. We've never gone anywhere for NYE and didn't do anything this year for our anniversary. He said at this point "I'm not saying no" so if I can get cheap enough airfare and hotel, we can do it. think I'm going to try for NYE tickets and then I'll try later for tix to 12/30.
  14. She's been in my thoughts and prayers all weekend. I have on my orange bracelet today too.
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