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  1. Thanks you so much! I'm going to be attending the University of Chicago, and as of now, I plan on majoring in chemistry! And then I hope to use this chemistry background to become a forensic technician (with my ultimate goal being to work in the Trace Evidence Unit of the FBI.)
  2. Popping in to say HI EVERYBODY! I feel like I haven't been on this site in forever... I just logged in and it's crazy looking at how things seem to be exactly the same as they were when I was on here religiously Anyways, I don't really have much to say, other than I'm going to college in the fall (eeeeeeeeep!). And I hope you're all doing well! Now I'm going to spend the next few hours catching up on as much as possible
  3. Love coming back to the forum for the first time in 3 months to see that Dave ripped his pants on the first night... It's gonna be a good tewer
  4. Hi everyone! I know I haven't posted hardly at all on here in the past few months, and it really sucks But I'm basically stoked on life because of TLM right now. So I decided to write my own "review" of the record on my blog. I'm sure much of it is completely incoherent (and extremely lengthy) and I apologize for that, but I basically just wrote what was in my head. Since this is the "discussion" thread, I figured I'd post a link in here! If there's someone else I should post it, please let me know Tell me what you think! My review of This Loud Morning
  5. Whoa guys, chill out haha. I've seen EW review albums much worse than this. Plus, a B- really isn't that bad. Didn't they give him a B+ for DCTR>
  6. Don't quote me on this, but judging from the photo, it looks like an adult men's style shirt. The kind of cut where it's the same width from under the arms down to the hips; for me, generally one size smaller than I would go for a regular woman's t-shirt. But that's just my best guess
  7. I LOVE the outfit! And the hair. And the pirate-inspired jewelry. And just the thought of him and Johnny Depp in the same place...
  8. If he actually did cut his hair short like that and then go with the generally messy, just got out of bed, spikey look, I think I would like it
  9. Just popping in to say BASEBALL SEASON STARTS TOMORROW! Kay, bye
  10. Twitter's currently broken. My first thought: "What the hell did David do this time?"
  11. So I have this weird thing, but I've always had this thing with songs whose title start with "The". Either they're really obvious and shallow, or they're completely metaphorical and cryptic. In this case, I really hope it's the latter. ...that probably made a lot more sense in my head than it does when it's written out.
  12. Yeah, I would've been a little surprised if it did happen. Because what would he sing? I'd think that maybe he'd want to debut a new song on Idol where he'd get a lot more attention for it. Otherwise would he just sing something from DCTR? Eh... oh well.
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