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  1. Today's (11/18) tweets via Twitter: 1) @thdavidcook: Wow. 1 year. Here's to a few more, fingers crossed. Thanks guys! 2) @thdavidcook: lofty idea, playing the whole record tonight. Worth it. Vocal rest tonight to get through the next few days, but worth it. Thx, Indiana! 3) @thdavidcook: OH... and you guys rule for the trending topic. So cool! Thank you! 4) @thdavidcook: everyone help trend #weluvandrewcook. Gotta give the man something to brag about....
  2. Good job getting David to #2 everyone. Well done. Let's get him back to #2 or even #1 now that the show is over. ETA: I hope Andrew kept watching too. We got him to #8! Not Bad!
  3. First of all, my comments were not directed at anyone in particular, I even said that before. It was just a general comment. Was it steeped in sarcasm? Absolutely! It was knee deep in sarcasm but believe it or not, it was meant in a smart ass, humorous way. When I first started writing my opinion, even I thought what I was saying was coming off as critical and tried to make a joke of it and instead, I've been made out to be some kind of villain. I suppose the sarcasm that been directed towards me like "David shits rainbows" and "It's like gumdrops and lollipops in there" IS okay though. As far as the music goes, I LOVE David's darker music and lyrics as well as the uplifting songs. Hell, most of my favorite music that David has done came from his Axium period, which was mostly all dark. But I'd like to think that I have enough layers as a person that I can appreciate the positive, inspirational music as well as the darker music and I'm not going to label the uplifting songs as cheesy just because it isn't dark and brooding. I think David also has enough layers to be able to write and perform songs that reflect all types of moods and feelings and I'm not going to automaticly label any one type as better or inadequate or cheesy because of the message of the song. One thing we can all agree with is that the exposure is great for David. ANYTHING that gets his name and voice out there in a positive way is a wonderful thing!
  4. I'm sorry, it wasn't directed at you specifically. You just happed to be the one I followed. It just blows my mind that on numerous occasions, I've heard people say how fantasic they think Creep is, not because of the incredible vocal perfomance David gave but becaused they liked all the F bombs, they thought that was so hot, yet he writes a song where he attempts to be inspirational and people are lining up to say how "cheesy" it is. Someone in this thread even said we need more songs like Creep. I just think it's kind of sad.
  5. That was really stupid of David to attempt to write an inspirational song. Doesn't he know, anything with a positive message is cheesy and insipid. If he had written a song ladened with F bombs, THAT would have been sheer brilliance! He should stick with things like Creep, where he can be foul mouthed and negative.
  6. What is the chance we can organize a #suckitcancer Twitter Trending party in honor of David and Lindsey Rose? And of course, if we can get it going, would someone be able to contact Charlie so he can show her and let her know that it's all for her? I think that would be cool and I would think it would really lift her spirits.
  7. Have I ever told you that I hate you, because I do. Really bad right now. :lol!: Just kidding, of course but I AM really jealous right now!! I was also wondering if, since it's the official song of the World Series, if Dave and the boys might show up in NY or Philly to perform it live. I heard something on ESPN the other night about it being an "official" song but I didn't hear the whole thing so I'm not sure if it's just for the Phillies or the Series as a whole. As was pointed out, he doesn't have anymore shows until Nov 3rd, so it COULD happen! And the Race for Hope - Philly is on Sun, so he COULD do both here! *crosses fingers* Yeah, I know, I'm dreaming. Oh yeah, and GO PHILLIES!!!!
  8. I LOVE hear that song on ESPN and I love that John Kruk loves our boy! He's always good to David. I really loved the song a lot. I just hope we get to hear a clean copy of it now that it's "out there". As much as I love hearing "The Phillies are going back to the World Series", I don't want to be hearing it over David singing! lol Thank you, ESPN for this fine gift!!!
  9. The coolest part of the hunt, I think, is that I went into areas of the forum I had never been to before. I usually just stick with David Discussion and the Declaration Tour sections. Due to traveling around, I found the "Unbuttoned" Pic thread, where I left I nice little treat.
  10. Funny the things you find while on a scavenger hunt. Namely this thread. I'm surprised this one hasn't made it into the "unbuttoned" page yet. Definitely worthy!
  11. I liked the tail end of the fight... Sadly, no response from David or Monty for that matter. I was hoping to see it go on a little longer. Those two made my night!
  12. Via Twitter about an hour ago... It's good to see those two smiling faces. Let's get #suckitcancer trending for Lindsey Rose!
  13. I did my part! I put in a request for Bar-Ba-Sol and Lie. Should I do the usual too? (Light On and CBTM) Since they'll likely get played anyway. Eh, I guess I better. Just getting the requsts will look good for him.
  14. This is really fun but addicting! Once you start searching for clues, you can't stop! Well done, ladies!
  15. I wasn't able to copy and paste the images into the PM. It just wasn't working for whatever reason, so when I finish, can I just write what the image was. Is that okay? I'll be pretty clear when writing what the item was so I HOPE it's okay.
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