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  1. Yay that is great to know that its been five years and there are still so many of us who came back here to talk about David and other stuff
  2. Welcome back to you too! It's a little welcome party in here lol
  3. Gonna bump this thread since it has gotten burried and just checking to see if anyone wants to join in the conversation
  4. Sent you my info :-) you may have gotten two messages cuz it said it didn't send the first time lol
  5. I'd be interested in getting it if that's still possible :-)
  6. And yet again I make the epic return after having been gone for who knows how long lol I doubt not many of you will remember me anymore since I have been away for I dont even know how long. Just wanted to let yall know I am not dead or MIA and that if you want to I have a new Twitter so if you want to add me ask me for my tag or you can always add me on facebook if you havent already. I wanna talk to all my WN buddies since I miss talking to them *mega hugs to you all*
  7. Dragons are pretty awesome Fantasy or Sci Fi?
  8. Nope lol Do you play any instruments?
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