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  1. Got my ticket!!! But with Turner Hall, technically when you buy during the presale, you're supposed to get early entry, which is a half hour before the doors actually open. Now I saw Kris Allen here last year and got early entry. I also saw Lee here, but didn't get my ticket through the presale and as I recall, there was no early entry. And if there was, they all sat at the tables. Hoping there are gonna be VIPs for these rounds of shows, but just in case, I did get my ticket today so I am guaranteed early entry. * My 1000th post!!! *
  2. As much as I hate HOB, I caved and got a ticket I really can't pass up seeing David being that close... Can't wait!
  3. Emembers should have received their presale email this morning containing the password (which is totally obvious btw )
  4. Best news ever!!! I was beyond thrilled when I found out about this show this morning!!! I was so damn excited that I started texting everyone i knew!! Needless to say this is going to be a very special show as this will be my 40th time seeing David, stemming back to the Declaration Tour Cant wait to have a good old fashioned rock show in the city that always Brews!
  5. you're welcome i know i don't speak for everyone but I feel like this was a general representation of how we all felt.
  6. These last few hours... i don't even know. Its been a roller coaster of emotions to say the least. I think it goes something like this: New cover? That wasn't it: Then what the hell was it? He told VIPs not to tell What is the point of having a soundcheck then Does he not know that we talk like chatty Kathy's I'm so done with this drama Andy and Devin's tweets These guys are such trolls Realizing the reality of it all This fandom: Never a dull moment
  7. More like "Jackpot!" (For those who don't know, Reno is like a mini-Las Vegas, near Lake Tahoe.) CHA-CHING!
  8. from what I read, Reno gets all the awards today
  9. Morning all! Can't wait to see the video of David imitating guys dance moves... just saying it out loud kinda makes me giggle just editing to add my fav quote/tweet from last night. found it on FoolsApril's tour thread on DCO:
  10. My pics from yesterday on FB David Cook Live - Columbus 10/10/11 But this one in particular is my favorite
  11. I guess now is a better time than never to make my triumphant return to the hallowed halls of WNH! So excited to be back! Me and Jessig03 will be there tomorrow. And we have the VIPs too so we're really excited for it! Can't wait to see everyone there! Jenna
  12. From @mjsbigblog can I just say.... Why aren't there pics of this?!?! Hehe!
  13. Two years already?!?! Wow! But what a wonderful two years it's been! I remember running around the house screaming and yelling like a mad woman when Seacrest said it Time sure flies when you're rocking out! I've met so many wonderful people these past two years and all cause of a guy from Blue Springs,MO Happy Magic Rainbows Day!
  14. Aww, it's ok don't blame u for not having one; I wouldn't have had one either if I were in the actual race, lol
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