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  1. this show was amazing. i was like 8-9 rows back because i had just a regular ticket, but i was still shockingly able to see. best concert ever.
  2. this is a little delayed, but this concert was amazing and i finally got my pictures (VIP before the show & then the after show meet & greet) with david & the guys
  3. I got VIP for this show (and this show only. i'm poor and i don't need another one for this tour hah). I will finally get my picture with David after waiting three long years
  4. Thanks Jeannie, but I doubt I'll be seeing him this tour. I'll talk to my mom, but I don't think it's going to happen. I should have known that this was actually too good to actually work out. Are there any buses or trains that you could take up to NY for Irving Plaza? Well yeah. My dad actually offered to take me to the Irving Plaza show, so that's not the problem anymore. Now, I'm afraid that a scheduling conflict will pop up on that day too. I have choir performances that I can't get out of, so right now, I'm waiting to find out if that date is clear, so I can go to the NYC show. I'm just afraid that there will be no tickets left by tomorrow. I hope you can go Mal! *crossing my fingers*
  5. I was going to go to this show - but changed my mind. I guess I'll just have to wait until the next leg of the tour!
  6. he was mad at you? Yeah, because I had just accidentally totally dissed him. It's a long story; one I've posted a few times - I can dig it up and PM it to you if you have never heard of the infamous Stacy accidentally dissed Dave at the Providence M&G story. You too, Michele. ETA: It's all because the man is so mesmerizing he makes me act crazy! LOL, I wouldn't mind hearing the story. I remember something about some story about that specific meet & greet, but I don't remember haha
  7. Yeah, I wish we knew! I don't think I can go to this one now because I saw the ticket prices and I can't afford to buy 3 tickets for like $65 each + fees :\ I may try for the State College show now, even if it's like 45 minutes farther away - making us drive FOUR hours. DAVID PLZ SAY SOMETHING LOL.
  8. I really hope I can go. I have to make a decision by Friday and I have no idea if there will be concerts closer to me yet.
  9. My friends and I are trying to go to this one, even though it's a 4 hour drive. We have to drive home after because we have classes/school the next day LOL. Stupid school
  10. Thanks for the info! (and thanks again for resetting my password Stacy LOL)
  11. I went just to see if we could meet them afterwards and as Jamie said, they were rushed away and Kyle was the only one that took pictures. I was so happy I finally got a picture with my favorite band member After everyone seemed to leave, Kyle came back out a little bit later and talked to us about his son's graduation
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