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  1. I have VIP for Chicago! SO excited!
  2. apparently my phone does want to post pictures on here because i tried several times earlier while i was at cookout earlier but it wouldn't let me but i'm finally home and on the desktop computer. right after it was finished got the notecard David wrote on back after my appointment. wanted to post a side by side to show everyone just some random shots while i was getting it done kinda had to laugh when i walked in there yesterday cause my artist was showing me the design she sketched up. she double checked with me the initials for everything and she had wrote RFC thinking it was Race For A Cure and she said that she told herself when she was sketching it that she should have double checked to make sure lol. I told her it was no biggie and we caught it in time and that it was probably my fault cause my handwriting is horrible and that's why she probably couldn't read what i wrote on the picture I gave her for what i wanted.
  3. Omgosh you guys! Just saw the design for my tattoo! Getting it done shortly!
  4. which is why I'm so happy I can get it done this month. I have a feeling I'm going to tear up once it's done. this tattoo will be the single most important one i'll ever get. david means the world to me and this is my way of thanking him for everything he's done for me.
  5. Thanks! I'm getting it done on the 24th! Super excited! I wanted to get it done this month since may is brain cancer awareness month!
  6. Will do! I'll have to think about it for a day. I have to figure out expenses for this month. Thanks again!
  7. Can anyone who is going post a picture of the shirt and how much it is? I'd like to order one but I'm not attending so I'm contemplating asking a friend to order for me.
  8. hello everyone! i hope everyone is doing well! i know i haven't been on here lately but i just wanted to check in and see how eveyone is doing i unfortunately never seem to find a year that i can attend the RFH. i'm hoping to sometime down the road but for now i've other things going on to support the RFH. i picked up a rainbow loom a few months ago and i've been making and selling bracelets and charms. everything i earn from the open of David's team until right around the RFH i'll be donating. right now i'm just shy of $70 so i'm excited about that. and i'm hoping to get my We Believe tattoo in his handwritting soon. i know i mentioned on here a few months ago after i met him again back in november that i was hoping to get it done around tax time but i decided to wait until it warms up around here because i want to get it on my foot in honor of the RFH. so i'm hoping to get that done soon. i just got a different tattoo on my shoulder on tuesday so i'm thinking when i go in for a touch up on it, i'll ask to have a consult for my DC one.
  9. sounds good! and i saw on twitter earlier that deanarfh tweeted that we'll be getting info soon
  10. random thought... but any idea on when david's RFH 2014 team will start up? if i remember correctly i believe there was something going on for his birthday last year to donate to his team and i was wondering if that would be happening again this year. thanks!
  11. thanks! it's always been a goal of mine to have his handwritting tattooed so i can't believe i finally have the opportunity to do so. been reminiscing tonight watching YT videos of his Idol performances.
  12. thank you! i pretty much have my next one (the one he hand wrote lyrics for me) planned out. i just need to decide on a few small details and i should be getting it no later than tax time. he told me he couldn't wait to see it. don't know if he'll notice it on twitter but maybe i can show him in person if i can finally get my butt to DC in may.
  13. tell me about it! it was by far my favorite show of his i've seen! and really? that's cool! i'm kinda hard to miss being so big lol;)
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