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  1. Mr promo man has been a little quiet...
  2. Were they really even trying to get him on the radio, though? It sure didn't seem like it...
  3. I think they're real and he was just being his usual nerdy self... but I wouldn't put it past him to wear fake ones. I think Nashville will be a good move for him... I never saw him staying in LA forever, and he can continue doing the same work he's doing.
  4. My thought is that he needs to get away from them. I think it's probably nerve wracking, but he knows he's got a massive amount of people behind him. He's going to be just fine. Just look how the new song has already done, sans RCA... Plus you notice how much happier he's seemed and the self promo thing is awesome.
  5. This show was so special and I'm not sure anything's going to top it for me. Everyone looked great, I loved Dave's stories and all the songs... the storytellers vibe is perfect for him. Permanent was just incredible - I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. I wanted to give him a hug while he was telling the story... it was so hard for him to get through. FIM unplugged was amazing - I've been waiting to hear that since Nov! I was convinced it was never gonna happen. And that was me he was giving shit to during CBTM.
  6. I think he mentioned the Idol song would be a different one, not FHTZ.
  7. I could make a comment here but I know it would get immediately deleted. LOL
  8. I imagine being one song and digital, it'd be fairly fast.
  9. This song is absolutely beautiful. You can tell he wrote it with someone specific in mind... and I really hope he plays it Saturday. I've been listening over and over trying to learn all the words.
  10. I love that necklace! Perhaps for next year, I'll see if she would be able to make me one...
  11. We are the Renaissance Arlington Capital View. I was just trying to give an idea to Eve... I will DM you.
  12. Gonna tell us about it? Please? It's got a v-neck.... it's black/blue/white.
  13. Hey, we are by Reagan airport too! Where you staying again?
  14. That will be a great bday present!
  15. Jeannie, why on earth are you up at 4:43am on a Saturday?!
  16. Yes it would! It reminds me of when Nick Gibson sang it... it sounded great...
  17. I definitely agree that people blow it way up sometimes before it's necessary. Let's not assume he's going to be country until we at least hear the song, just because he's writing with a country artist. You don't have to find it, Jeannie. LOL... don't kill yourself over it.
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