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  1. Jeannie..It was so good to finally meet you at this show..Not sure if you remember me or not..But it was after ths show & you were about to leave to head back to the hotel..I agree this show was Simply Amazing!!
  2. After the show David meet with fans at the Merch table & Monty happen to stop by for a few..He is so damn funny..I asked him for a picture & he said sure..I hand my camera to my friend Cass to take the pic & when she did I had forgotten to take it off of video & I got a 8 sec video of me & Monty standing there & what he says is to funny..Love to hear this man talk!!
  3. I also video Laying Me Low..This song live is Amazing..It makes you want to dance & clap & stomp..Love this song!!
  4. I videod Eyes On You & I loved it when he stopped in the beginning of the song to say he just wanted to see a little Eruption..I think he kinda embrassed himself when he relized what he had said!! I really love this song..It has a really good dance beat to it!! I am surprised I held my camera as still as I did with me dancing durning the song!!
  5. David put on an Amazing show in Birmingham..He was in really good mood & you could tell by all the funny bantar he did!! Here are my pic of the show!! https://www.facebook.com/DavidRocks08?ref=tn_tnmn#!/DavidRocks08/media_set?set=a.10202253187919213.1073741861.1475921229&type=3
  6. Hey guys & gals..Sorry it has been so long since I posted anything..I went to this show & I have some videos & pics I would like to share with you all!! This show is Freaking Awesome..I had me a blast!! I have pics & videos to share with you all!! Here are my pics from Sound Check!! https://www.facebook.com/DavidRocks08?ref=tn_tnmn#!/DavidRocks08/media_set?set=a.10202253416164919.1073741862.1475921229&type=3
  7. He's such a goof in the last photo OMG I love the pic of all the guys with Regina..You can tell David just love Monty..This is so cute!! LISAAAAAAAAAA !! I didn't know you're here too Hun !! CHRISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS..Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..Oh hell gf I been here for a while now..I love it here..This is an awesome site!! I got things poted on the Solo Tour shows I went too back in 2009!!
  8. He's such a goof in the last photo OMG I love the pic of all the guys with Regina..You can tell David just love Monty..This is so cute!!
  9. OMG Peggy..This video is awesome..Never seen an eagle swim like that before..Freeaking Awesome!!
  11. OMG..What a beautiful horse..This is the sweetest thing ever..You can see how much she loves her new baby!!
  12. OMG..I am getting so excited about hearing this new music David, Andy & Devin are writting!!
  13. This is sooo true! Sometimes you get nervous when you least expect it! I sure Love me some Kyle Peek..He is a awesome young man!!
  14. Well I look at it like this..Like David said himself a while back..It is all about the LOVE..To me he looks very very happy & health in the pics with Andrew & Charley & that is all that matters!!
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