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  1. *updated* u got 44, check out the first page
  2. *updated* go look on the first page =]
  3. 3 days before my 19th birthday, a friday, yeah, i should go
  4. you got it!!!! check the first page! lol *updated*
  5. I hope he performs at Suffolk County Community College in Long Island, New York. I am atteding that school and I would KILL to see him perform there. Also another small venue he should play at, The Crazy Donkey, which is also in Long Island.
  6. Mr. Cook and me at a private tutoring session: Mr. Cook: No no, its pronounced "optimistacally peptamistic" Me: um, Mr. Cook, I dropped my pencil and I can't reach, can you get it for me? Mr.Cook: Sure Ellen. *Mr. Cook bends down slowly* *Ellen faints* Mr. Cook: ELLEN! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!?! Me: YEP! im fine, it just got a lil hot in here but im fine Mr. Cook: o ok *continues the lesson* *Ellen moves closer* *Mr. Cook looks into Ellen's eyes* Mr. Cook: uh, Ellen? Me: yeah? Mr. Cook: you have been a very naughty student of mine!!!!!!!!! *Mr. Cook bends Ellen down, and spanks her with a paddle* Me: I THINK I NEED DETENTION!!! Mr. Cook: oh yes you do baby!!!!! *Cook brings Ellen to the teachers desk and..................* I'll let you go from there........
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