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  1. Ahhhhh!!!! I love Nick D. for getting this shot. I can't believe Andy saw the etch-a-sketch drawing I made and pointed it out to Dave and Monty. hahahaha this was some funny stuff and this is my favorite pic I've seen with it!!!
  2. Heyyyy guys! I'm home. Got back around 2 pm EST after traveling for 17 hours in a car. Ugh. Holy HELL Jamie, your pictures are amazing! You are a photo goddess. I may want to use some of your pics to print off and put in to a photo album, but only if that's ok with you of course.
  3. Thanks Barb! We're not going to get there till after midnight though It seems like everyone is already there or almost there.
  4. HELLOOOOOO!!!! Omg I haven't been here in so long. Waiting for our rental car. Reservation is at noon.. hopefully we can leave no later than 1.
  5. *hugs thread* Oh threads, I've missed you so! It's SOOOO NICE waking up to more pictures and videos. I still can't get over last night... SO EPIC! Those of you who went, you will have many amazing memories!!!! Thanks to everyone who got pictures and video.
  6. Maybe we'll hear "This Year" live tonight.
  7. OMG it's been so long!!!!! Can't wait for tonight. Hope everyone has a great time!
  8. Oh my goodness, Stacy. I probably would have been bawling in front of the workers and been a nervous wreck. I'm so glad that you finally got a boarding pass. Praying for no more cancellations for everyone and wishing everyone safe travels!
  9. I wish I had money to come to this! Safe travels to everyone.
  10. Amazing pictures and videos as always, Kathy! Thank you.
  11. Hope everyone has a great time tonight! What else could be better than ringing in 2010 with David and the guys?
  12. Amazing pictures and videos, everyone! I've sure missed waking up to seeing these (almost) every morning.
  13. OMG I've missed this so much!!!!
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