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  1. Welcome for the video. It focuses on David's section because as soon as GRO brought everyone on stage, everyone who was sitting behind me came rushing to the front of the balcony & people were standing up instead of sitting down. I had a limited view because I had heads/bodies in the way even though I was trying to get everyone on stage in the video. I did try to get video of all the other action going on as soon as people around me sat down or moved positions.
  2. If anyone did not get a chance to donate to the team page but want to make a donation to IGB tonight during the show or on the general donations page, just send me a PM or DM me on Twitter w/ your amount (I won't share any information with anyone else) and I will add it to the team total. The team pages have all been closed because the top teams will be announced during the telecast tonight (I have a feeling we'll be one of the ones mentioned, don't ask me why ) but I will keep a running total for all the fans of what we have raised ourselves. Hope that makes some sort of sense
  3. We're $1600 back from the Adam fans now. We have raised $7,088 at the moment which is no small feat in itself!
  4. THANK YOU EVERYONE for being a part of the team and helping to raise money for IGB on behalf of the Cook Fans United team I'll change the goal for us to raise funds later tonight (keep forgetting to do so--oops)
  5. I set up a team for Idol Gives Back for all the Word Nerds. It's called Cook Fans United and right now we are #2 just behind the Adam fans. The top teams will be spotlighted on the show and so far, we've raised $2,538 in just a week! http://idolgivesback.kintera.org/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=347133&lis=1&kntae347133=7D1AF598A3EE441A95CDC9C7B5F72165&team=3710461&tlteam=0
  6. Justforme asked me to start the thread for the show since she is unable to get on the board at the moment... Ryan will go on at 7 p.m EST and David will go on around 8:15 p.m. EST It's in my channel: http://www.blogtv.com/people/workingmanders See you all there shortly!
  7. Kyle was not there. I can't tell you for sure if it was planned for the others to sign or if they were just late but from our vantage spot, it looked like Andy, Neal & Monty showed up to surprise him because David stood up to talk to them immediately when he saw them coming over to the table. A few minutes later, a second table was pulled over next to David and prepared for them. They really seemed to have a good time with one another joking and fooling around and hamming it up for cameras at times (one photo which I believe Kim got was the guys all pointing to Neal's snakebites including him and others included Sharpies David stuck up his nose among other things and various images of them all cracking each other up). In fact, at one point when most of the signing was done, the three of them began to take off and David shouts across the room asking them where they were going so they all came back over to him. Being allowed to stay where we were for the entire signing, I wouldn't be surprised if Kim or Corinna have pictures of a good majority of the individuals who passed by even if those people weren't able to get pictures themselves. *Please excuse my lack of grammar and sentence structure as I only have gotten a few hours sleep*
  8. Doing a hit & run.. pinkflowers--which one was you? My mind is so frazzled right now from the last 15 hours (1:30 a.m. right now and Corinna is next to me--both of us still awake and we have to be up/leaving for the fair in 8 1/2 hours...) Let's just say this was an amazing night and aside from the events that happened before the signing that pinkflowers mentioned, having dinner and then getting to be there for the dedication (well across the room) and treated like VIPs the entire night was amazing. And since I know there will be questions asked, yes, Kim & Corinna talked to him about me being the one who did the cellcasts and we had a conversation about it--he said he always looks for the cellcaster but he never knows who is actually doing it otherwise he would totally grab their phone and sing into it for everyone. In fact, during one of the breaks, David was talking to us and he started telling the other guys that I'm the one who does the cellcasts for them.
  9. Thanks everyone. I AM NOT cellcasting the dinner. I will call about the pants dedication--dinner no. Please understand if I don't give a lot of details about the dinner or time spent with him--I will share what I feel comfortable sharing but there are just some stuff I feel I have to keep to myself and that includes any conversations that may be had with him. I hope you all will respect my wishes and understand that it's not because I am "lording" that over you but I respect David too much to have every detail be spread all over the boards when the dinner is a somewhat intimate one (well as intimate as you can get with 6 contest winners and whoever else is there from the label/his entourage).
  10. That's right! I won dinner with David tomorrow night through the local radio station (well the one in Los Angeles) There are only a few contest winners and their guests, anyone in his entourage and maybe someone from the radio station. I won it through Twitter (hey, David--see, Twitter does have its benefits at times!) by being a follower of the DJ (Valentine). He twittered the phrase to say (I love cookies) and to be caller 104. Was caller #5, #10, #38, #58, #98 and finally 104! My heart jumped out when the person answering the phone told me I was caller 104 and to hold on to talk to Valentine. Then I knew it was official. I am still waiting to hear from the promo department but it's dinner (Appetizers, dinner, dessert and drinks) plus a copy of his CD and I believe front of the line passes to get it signed.
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