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  1. Nominations are open @ REMINDER: Oct-19, voting will open for the 2010 People’s Choice Awards ... SO, REGISTER NOW!!!! bit.ly 82suE, nominations are open under music for favorite breakout artist and male artist, you will have to write in his name. On Nov. 11 (?) you can go back and vote if he is on the list. Let's support him on this.
  2. So disappointed for David (and us) but he always shows what a classy guy he is and expects us to be the same. I doubt seriously there will be a Grammy nomination now but I think the second album will bring him all the awards he deserves. We have your back David, you've worked so hard but it will come in time.
  3. Joey said when he joined the band he had waited six months just to audition for David, sad. He certainly gained good exposure being with David . Good luck to him and thanks David. Love U David always.
  4. That must have been taped because he said at a concert one night that CBTM was # 1 this week, so if he was surprised .....this show wasn't today. Of course who cares, love him no matter when and great to see him. As usual he was adorable.
  5. Last year the Grammys wereheld on Feb 8th. Don't know when the nominations were released.
  6. his phone # for messages now says it is long distance, phone # ?
  7. Love the cut, looks better short and makes him look younger. Rather have the darker auburn color.
  8. Great Idea ! Get a banner to him, I love the one you are showing and maybe ask him to make a VLOG directed at Internation fans ?
  9. I love him but poor hygiene is unexcusable for such a nice guy, C'mon Cookie , off with the beanies and on with some clean and pressed clothes , and you showered!!! Your Mom couldn't be proud of this dirty routine. Please Cookie....
  10. Lady, you don't know what your talking about. We can take up a collection to buy you a ticket to a DC concert to let you get another opinion. Then we will also furnish some "salt" for those words. DC and his fans have always supported Archie, DC still calls him. .
  11. Good Lord, he is been on this path for almost 25 years, so why he can't hope he gets a Grammy ? He said long ago in an interview, that he wanted a Tony , Grammy and an Oscar. Although that was said as a joke then, I am sure those are his desires. He is so humble most of the time except when he is performing that I think we are picking at things. His music is his life and he wants it all. He said he is the luckiest guy in the world. I say I think there will be a nod for a Grammy next year as there should be a few # 1 singles by then. Go Cookie , you are on our way for a Grammy !!!
  12. WTG Cookie !!! The wall in your new home is filling up..
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