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  1. Wow... guys... those are pretty awesome and creative.... Here are some I thought of... 7. Keeper of David's Tender Heart and Soul 6. Keeper of David's Kindered Soul 5. Keeper of David's Truths 4. Keeper of David's Mesmerizing Gaze 3. Keeper of David's Thoughts 2. Keeper of David's Secrets 1. Keeper of David's Hopes and Dreams (I really like 1 & 2... lovin #1 the best tho I think...) Feedback anyone? Also I would like some help coming up with a siggy... anyone who thinks they can come up with one that might fit... Any suggestions would be appreciated!!! Lisa
  2. Hey you guys... I was on the AI boards a little bit... I am shy on here for some reason... if you knew me in person you would laugh because I am not a shy person at all... anyway I just found this site the other day... I am glad to see all of you AI members here... I recognized a lot of you... I didn't really post much at all on the AI boards... at the beginning my name was trubeliever but DC inspired me to change it... ... anyway... I was just hoping someone could post a link to that thread... i think I posted on it like a couple weeks before the deadline... but I am not sure... I was bummed when I saw that it was made and thought I hadn't posted until I read about the deadline and remembered posting in a thread like that... just want to make sure it was this one... I wish i woulda found this site sooner so i could have added more to what I wrote (if I did write it in that thread... ), I woulda loved to have had my picture on it too... but oh well I guess... maybe I'll get the chance to be more involved in one of the other projects... anyway if anyone can help with that link, I'd appreciate it... Lisa P.S. Oh how I enjoyed reading through all those picture threads and all the "creptic" innuendos... if I was every upset... it didn't take long to get me laughing once I got onto the boards... Thanx guys!! P.S.S You guys are truly amazing people!!!
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