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  1. I attended the Lawrence, KS show on 10/17. It was the first show that I'd attended in 4 years. I had a wonderful time, Dave was very funny and playful, and the music was great. I'm so much happier now but I'm always that way after a show. Not going to go that long again without attending a show.
  2. I really like the recorded version of Secret Garden. Very nice! DEBRA
  3. I had ordered the deluxe cd from PM and also got the Walmart version with 3 different bonus songs. This has become the only music that I'm listening to right now. The whole experience is off the charts. I especially love Broken Windows and Heartbeat but the whole cd is awesome. I will be attending the 10/17 concert and really really can't wait to hear the songs live. I'm sure it will be epic. This will be the first time that I've gotten to see Dave live in 4 years. I can't wait! DEBRA
  4. I just wanted to share the wonderful news that I was able to get a VIP for 10/17 show in Lawrence, KS. I'm so excited! It's been 4 years since I saw D perform live. Can't wait! DEBRA
  5. That's awesome, Ashley! I'm so happy for you. DEBRA
  6. The closest 2 are about 5 hours driving from me. Don't think I'll be making a show this time round. Oh well, I have the deluxe cd ordered so I'll just stay home and enjoy it. DEBRA
  7. Thanks Chris! Holding out hope for a closer one to me. Like KC! I'm know that I said that I was no longer going to attend live DC concerts but I'm going to keep the door open a little just in case I change my mind. DEBRA
  8. I'm just so happy for them! DEBRA
  9. I'm just checking in, too! Got my stuff ordered from PM and now just waiting for Sept. and news of tour dates. It's so nice to have Dave stuff to look forward to. DEBRA
  10. I've just ordered the deluxe autographed cd so far! DEBRA
  11. I know what you mean but it's so much fun. DEBRA
  12. I got mine ordered! Very excited! DEBRA
  13. Hello! Glad to see people coming back. DEBRA
  14. Yes, please post! Would love to see it! DEBRA
  15. So happy for him! Hope it means the cd is coming soon. DEBRA
  16. I just wanted to share some wonderful news with everybody. I'm getting a new Siamese kitten and will be picking her up at the breeder on March 7th. Can't wait! I've been so lonely since Tu Ling left back in July and it's going to be so great to be able to share the house with a little fur person again. Here she is! Her name is: TENSLEY DEBRA
  17. Dittos, to that! I'm living these concerts though others' eyes the past 4 years. Pics and details! Would love to hear all. DEBRA
  18. Thanks Jeannie! Well, it gives me hope but he's heading away from me again. He's got to get back to KC eventually and not just for a visit. How about a concert, Dave! I'll keep hoping! DEBRA
  19. Jeanie, have fun and give Dave a hug for me if you get the chance. I won't get to see him this tour because he's just not coming in close enough. Best I get is 5+ hours driving and I don't want to chance it in the winter weather. Right now it's nice here in Central Missouri but that could all change and I can't afford to lose the cost of a ticket like I did in KC last year. I was out $85 and that hurt. Will be watching for your recaps. DEBRA
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