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  1. Beth Ann is quite an inspiration. She's always at the race and she's a really strong runner, usually. This year someone was pushing her in a wheelchair. I guess she wasn't able to run. As I ran by her, I heard her saying she wishes she could run. It was heart-breaking.
  2. Awww. It looks like he left for Hawaii yesterday. I was hoping they would be going together . He looks very happy. His eyes are twinkling in the picture. I think he was just arriving in LA when that pic was taken. Looks like baggage claim.
  3. People keep saying that she was "hidden" and how they wouldn't like it if it were them. But was she really "hidden"? David kept her out of the public eye, but he obviously shared her with the people who are most important to him--his friends and family--and isn't that what's important? The fact that many of us didn't know about her or only found out about her through some serious internet snooping really doesn't mean anything. We think we're a part of his life, but we're really not....not on a day-to-day basis. He's under no obligation to tell us anything. He likely wanted to protect her from any crazies who might go off the deep end because he has a girlfriend. And there's always the possibility that SHE didn't want to be in the public eye, which says a lot to me about her character. I completely agree, DP. I also agree that the fan reaction to this girl would be completely different than it was to his previous public relationship. This is a completely different situation and person. I hope he realizes that. I think she kind of resembles a younger version of Beth, which is a definite compliment. The fact that he wrote and the way he introduced FHTZ at NOH was a dead giveaway that he's in a serious relationship. I also think that TLSIWFY is a bit telling. So many of David's songs have been about heartbreak. To me, TLSIWFY is saying that I've finally gotten past that previous relationship that broke my heart and I'm ready to move on now, so this is the last song I'll write about that relationship. Who knows if it will be, but I think, at least metaphorically, he's saying he's put that particular heartbreak behind him.
  4. I 'd just like to add to Jeannie's post that NIH funding is very competitive. There are tons of great projects that are not funded because the funding is limited.
  5. Anybody know how to vote multiple times without resetting your browser, which is a pain? It doesn't actually count your vote unless you get the "Thank you for voting" message. Otherwise you get, "Thanks, your vote has already been counted."
  6. Another tweet from MVZ about the EDAW/RR video: @CookieNookie That video is definitely making the rounds. I'm getting messages from Bruce fans all over the place.
  7. This kind of publicity is PRICELESS!!!!
  8. Stacy, I love hearing about fans' experiences at shows. It's like being there with them. I don't feel jealous when I hear about them. Maybe that's unusual. I was so happy to experience this show via ustream last night and see all the videos, recaps, photos, and memories today. I'm thrilled with the show (State College, York, Greensburg) and VIP/M and G experiences I had for this leg of the tour. Please, everyone, don't feel like you don't want to share experiences because others will be jealous. I can understand why some might feel that way, but they don't have to read the posts. *runs to check out Apple TVs*
  9. Is anyone else wondering how difficult it must be to watch a cartoon while in a bunk? Can you even sit upright in those things?
  10. Great show last night and a great end to David's 2011 shows for me. I got to meet some twitter peeps and fellow Word Nerds I had not met before. I was second row between David and Devin. When Devin decided to lay down on the stage and play guitar that was RIGHT in front of us. The pic below was taken when David decided to come over and stand over Devin. I heard someone say that Devin said that David's gum almost fell in his mouth when this was happening.
  11. Some photos: Trying to open a bottle of alcohol given to him by a Finnish fan.
  12. I could not have said this any better. This statement perfectly describes the feeling in that theatre last night. I'll post a few pics later, but for now, here's my Fade Into Me video. I don't usually take videos but I wanted to give my new iPhone 4s a try.
  13. Timing for this show is very confusing. In Phoenix 7PM MT is 10PM ET. But, many sites say this show starts at 6PM. So, I'm not sure if David's set will start at 9PM ET or 10PM ET. I guess I'll tune in at 9 and see what happens.
  14. To tell you the truth, the vending machines were a little bit out of the way and those students might not have known about them or might not have remembered they were there. (I used to play racquetball regularly in Rec Hall so I remembered them.) Actually, the second time we went over there, a SPA student was standing at the top of the stairs and at first he told us we couldn't go beyond that point. We told him we just wanted to go down to get a drink. He escorted us down. The "backstage" area was nearby and I don't think they wanted people wandering around in that area.
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