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  1. I like the song but when David sang it, I fell in love with it even more! I think he made more justice off the song. It's more sexy.
  2. Thank you so much, Jovs ,Jeannie and Made! I was really getting anxious on what's going on with my password and I have to seek for Jov's help..Good thing it worked.Thank you, guys! I miss being here! I have to catched up for the lost times.
  3. David Cook is so hot I am sweating all over everytime I see his picture/videos while spanking that guitar. David Cook is so hot and he's more hotter than our red chili peppers! David Cook is so hot you don't want to be near with him or you'll get burned! (But I'll take the risks,LOL)
  4. Good Lord! I am sssooooo in love with those pre-Idol David!!
  5. Great vids, great pictures! Thanks guys for sharing!All pics are to die for.
  6. Dear David, So much has been said about you.Your love and devotion on your craft, the music you've shared with us, the tears and laughters..great memories that will forever lives on within us. Your music is like a theraphy for me.Whenever I feel alone and sad, all I have to do is to listen to yorr beautiful songs and everything would fall into places. It's been a year and 3 months since the last time I saw you in person.Will you ever think of going back here in Manila? We all miss you here! Goodluck on your career and may our Dear Lord continued His blessing to you and to your family. I will always love you and you will always be my forever idol. With so much love, Vangie
  7. Wow, Chris! I think that's the epitome of a CFM look!!ijust died..several times..
  8. aaaww Looking forward for his New record, New tour ! Thanks for sharing, Prissy!
  9. This one is kind'a biased coz I took this one.LOL! But my all time fave is this:
  10. Right, Raine! It'll be better this year!
  11. Same goes with me. We have lots of Europeans friends, particularly in Brazil, Puerto Rico and even in other Asian country. Good thing that we manages to see him here in the Philippines. I hope David can perform globally!
  12. You know how I supprt this, Chris! You need to have David there in Brazil!!
  13. Here's mine! Vangie WN # 3380 Purple Cookie WN Keeper of the Edgy Rocker
  14. Dear David, I've out for a while but my heart keeps on coming back to where I truly belong--here on Home. I have said this before and I will say this over and over again. You are one amazing person I have known in my entire life. Your music really influences me in a good way,touching everyone's life. I never thought I would see you and watched you on stage but you came in the Philippines and my wish granted! That was the most unforgettable experience in my life! I have never been in love with a singer before until you came into my life. What more can we asked for? You're talented, an amazing singer and songwriter, a loving son..a Rockstar God! I only wish you one thing: good health so that you can bring music in our lives forever. Love always, Vangie
  15. Andy makes an adorable Zoro. lol. This was great. Thanks for posting it. This one cracks the whole out of me!! Thanks for posting and sorry for being such a bad WN. I wasn't able to log here most of the time..I miss all of you, guys!
  16. Dear David, Hey there! I just want to say how proud I am for what you did on IGB. Those moments with the kids are priceless. You will be forever in my heart. Your dedication and hardwork, and the love for others always melts my heart. I hope someday, I will have the chance of meeting you up close and personal and have some picture with you. God bless you and your family! Love, Vangie
  17. he's working so hard and fast, where's his hand?? I was wondering the same thing....
  18. Thanks for posting the vid of Annie! I love her! Here's still that David will perform on Idol.
  19. Thanks for posting, Nanz!! David Cook is definitely the ultimate Idol ever!
  20. ^^^ Ditto! Although Lee always reminds me of David, but that's it.Period. This is the feeling I have for missing David sooooo much! I still like Lee though. He's my bet for this season (along with Crystal and Siobhan). There will be no other Idol for me but David Cook!
  21. Thanks for posting all the pics and vids of David in Ethiopia! The new collage is beautiful, Made! I am forever be a proud fan of David. He made us all proud as well. The beautiful things he's done during the past couple of months is something that will surely makes us proud and his head held high because of his achievements and dedication to his craft.
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