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  1. Two words .. LEAVE HIM. haha.. based on your descriptions of him, he's certainly not the type of guy that you should hang around with. Tell him frankly, there's nothing wrong with that. DOuble dating with your bestfriends sure is fun. But think of yourself this time. You don't have to suffer.
  2. 22 058 hoLiday? Labor Day, ayt? uhmmm .. more than haLf of my class will be going on a fieldtrip .. it will be unfair to the people who will be Left behind (including myseLf .. haha) if we will still be having our classes.
  3. 22 052 Doin' fine .. a littLe excited because there will be no classes on Wednesday tiL Friday! Hurray! haha ..
  4. 21 312 sure! tanx so much for the time! tc! and good morning to you.
  5. 21 310 hey rebelAsh! i really hate to end our little chit-chat .. but unluckily .. it's already time for my next class ..
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