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  1. CONGRATS!! I am in the same boat as you! I just moved into my house over the weekend
  2. i am...i dont have a presale code to get tickets today. so ill prolly jus have to wait.
  3. Katie November 25 Traits: Fun Optimist Good-natured Sociable Spiritual Likes: Freedom Being on the move Parties New friends Flirting Dislikes: Public disapproval Tight clothes/areas Being doubted Being refused
  4. I'm halfway through season 2. I can't believe how better it keeps getting! Each episode keeps getting better! And all the twists! I'm so addicted!
  5. safe travels everyone going and have fun. bring back lots of goodies!! lol
  6. i totally agree Jen, hes hotttttttt!!!!!
  7. Didn't see a thread for Dexter.... I just jumped on the Dexter wagon a few weeks ago. I'm halfway through season 1. It is a genius show!
  8. i got my copy saturday. it hasnt came out of my cd player. i am in love with it, and love every song! unbreak and 11:59 are probably my favs right now
  9. ok, so i checked flight prices, thinking maybe i would do this. nope not gonna. and i'm not driving. after VB last year, not gonna drive that far.
  10. I soooooo want to go! If it wasn't for working 2 jobs now and doing a bunch of other trips over the summer, I would be there! It has been way too long since a concert! I miss everyone!!
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