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  1. I'm all set the for Santa Cruz and San Francisco concerts! Can't wait
  2. Thank you girls! It was a really awesome night! And he was hugging everybody on the Meet & Greet, so I got a hug lol
  3. All my pictures from last night's concert in Vegas can be found here. What an epic concert!
  4. Vegas VIP tickets include early access, general admission and meet and greet according to the tickets website. They go out for sale in less than 2h.
  5. I looked at their website and the tickets for other events and I couldn't find any with VIP tickets, so I guess we'll have to wait til Friday when they go out on sale to find out...
  6. Info about the Vegas concert can be found here. DAVID COOK SAT, JAN 11 @ 8:00 PM Tickets on sale Fri, Nov 8 EVENT DETAILS COST: $25 adv, $30 day of show, $65 VIP Meet & Greet DOORS: OPEN @ 8:00 PM AGE: 21 and Up / MUST BRING ID TELEPHONE: 702-733-7625 ADDRESS: 3771 South Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109 I booked flight and hotel this morning!
  7. Loved the thread! I'm quoting my meeting David recap from the first Busch Gardens concert, in August 2010. I met the guys after the concert, at a private M&G. Later that night, I tweeted my pic and Andy replied me saying "glad it worked out! Hope you had a good time at the show." I remember Stacy texting me like "OMG, ANDY JUST TWEETED BACK TO YOU!" or something like that, I just couldn't believe it was true. I cracked so hard with the Bar-ba-sol story I can totally imagine him hearing that!! And I remember when I met Stacy and she told me the story about how she dissed David and on that same day she told me that when he looks into your eyes it's like you can't even keep thinking. At that day I was like "I'll deal with it whenever it happens, if happens." Well, when it did happen it was just like she said, and, boy, I couldn't even remember my own name!
  8. Exactly what I was thinking! I seriously don't think I would not faint looking straight into those eyes When you look directly into those eyes you definitely stop breathing for a second or two. Seriously?!?!?! Totally serious. I even forgot my own name when he looked me in the eye when I met him. It was hard to think about anything after that. I have to repeat you ladies, he looks so damn good, and happy!
  9. I love the MWK EPs! Can't wait to listen to fully listen to this one!
  10. Agreed, Stacy! But, dude, he better get a good one, you know how we crash it easy
  11. Thanks for bringing the other article to the thread, Stacy, I hadn't seen it. I'm not sure if DCO how long is gonna take to DCO go *poof*, Lee DeWyze left RCA months ago and only recently his website was taken down (now it redirects to his Facebook page).
  12. You just said everything I feel about it, Stacy! I think The Last Song I'll Write For You sounds like a direction he may take from now on, musically speaking, it sounds more... Dave. I don't know any other way to explain than it. But only time will tell if he'll get another deal, he certainly knows he can count on his loyal fans anywhere he goes.
  13. Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/idol-worship/american-idols-david-cook-rca-323176
  14. "David is one of the most successful artists to come out of American Idol to date." Loved that they said it!!
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