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  1. looking for a ride to williamsburg from Richmond Airport. Friday Afternoon. Anyone going to be around and be able to help? Tx.
  2. Who is flying into Richmond or driving by there in the afternoon Friday the 6th I need a ride to Williamsburg. So please keep me in mind.
  3. Nice pics I am glad i have the same camera. To bad the vids when I was moved not so hot. Must have been in front of a speaker
  4. LOL if they would have let us stay up there. Dave's wouldn't had to have seen that. LOL
  5. Sure! I'd be honored. Me too? Pretty please? Of course! Just not the one I already took for myself, lol. Though I might change mine later when Barbs puts her pics up. She's got a shot of David but I was up front clapping over my head (Declaration, probably), so it's like he's framed between my arms, which is just kinda cool. Stacy glad you got to stay up front and enjoy. Even if you had to hide from security lol
  6. anyone have hotel info. If you aren't staying at casino where else is good and did you use priceline?
  7. I won't believe it until I see it.. always hope for more than that without an opener, but as we've seen.. you can never be too sure. Whatever we get will be fabulous. OMG you are going and didn't tell me?
  8. DO you have room for 1 extra in the room. Friday only : ) Are you renting a car too? Trying to figure this all out. I can fly into PS or Ontario.
  9. looking for a room for Friday night. Anyone who has room please IM me
  10. LOL those seats are right next to the two I have. All I know is they always say no. Then Dave says yes and all of a sudden it happens. So I am glad I am in the front row.
  11. I wasn't at Perry but Davie they did. Not all the way up but I saw people in the second row and a few others get up front and those on the side got to move over. However, I can only go by all the Casino shows. Dave has done in the end of the tour Elizabeth was the only one you couldn't move up because there was no room too. Other wise every other Casino show the front got to move up to barrier. Don't see that changing. Dave hates that 15 foot buffer and sense the barrier is so high. I don't see the venue caring. From that Video that person was the E section because it was pass the stage. I like that it is so open so the B and E aren't bad at all Outdoor Pavillion http://media.ticketmaster.com/en-us/tmimages/venue/maps/la1/26222s_a.gif
  12. I really believe front row will get to be front of the stage. That is the way he has done all of his last Casino shows. He like people close. Elizabeth didn't have the open space but every other Casino show people have gotten to go up to the stage. I bet David will tell them that is what he wants but that won't happen until he is there. I have a front row ticket So I am thrilled
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