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  1. Take the Tunnel. Its by Joe Louis Arena and The RenCen and GM headquarters. The Casino is close to the tunnel.
  2. awesome my radio station. Funny, how the show is in Windsor but he's being interviewed on Detroit Radio!
  3. AWESOME!! Perfect last show for you. I am glad you had a great time.
  4. #DavidCookDCTRDeluxe We want the Deluxe version and RCA hasn't release it yet. How about tweeting that?
  5. I gave Mary your info. So she should be contacting you. She can give you and info you need. She has tickets for both days for anyone interested. She doesn't post here alot but I will pass on email addresses to anyone interested. Not sure all she has. So it would be best to talk to her.
  6. I like the Ruby splash better then the regular. However, Sierra Mist is a Pepsi product lol
  7. 30th one in row M 31st pair in U and P one in row G
  8. Looks like people have extras. I am sure the post the tickets info after 5 I know my group has extra
  9. GA Dave really? You do know that Virginia Beach is less then a half hour from Norfolk? Time at the beach would be better then sitting in a line. Crossing fingers do a number system Please!
  10. it will be easy for him to go from VA to Nashville Just Sayin
  11. what seat number is your extra ticket? 23 isle seat. so noone will bother u.
  12. still have a ticket in row D Section 2 I was told to get 3 tickets looks like we only need 2
  13. Before I buy a ticket online. I thought I would ask if anyone is selling a ticket?
  14. ARGH! had 4 in row E RC and lost it because couldn't find the stupid terms agreement. They need to give u more then 3 minutes.
  15. K was helping and pulled up some good ones. 1g, row b seats 1 and 2 It's second row. We may have those available.
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