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  1. Ok, here's my recap, warning it's long... David Cook Irving Plaza NYC 10/26/13 The Time Of My Life Hmm, where to start? Well lets start with the fact that seeing NYC has been on my to do list for a long time but never thought it would become a reality. Sometimes fate intervenes and gives us a little help in making our dreams come true. One of my closest DC sista's helped make my dream come true and I will be forever in her debit! Ok, enough of tha,t let's skip to the M & G shall we? This makes my third show and my second time meeting him. The first time I was so scared and nervous that I wanted to run away. I didn't though and got through it. This time I wasn't really nervous, it was more like a cause of massive butterflies cause I was so excited to be able to talk to him again and get one of his amazing hugs. I'm in the M & G line and was one of the first few to go up to him. Guh, he is just beautiful up close, seriously, he just has this certain glow about him and he is just fun to be near. So, I approach him with a gift in hand, it was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hat. Wish I could of got a video of his reaction as it was priceless, he grabbed it put it on and said “hell yeah!” Oh David, you have stolen my heart and I don't want it back, you are just to adorable!So after the gift exchange I told him how much I admire him for all he does to help fight brain tumors, my Dad has been fighting a battle with one for awhile. We both got a little teary eyed and than I got that amazing hug that I have been dreaming of. A friend in line got pics of it all. I walked..no floated out the door cause I needed to recompose myself as I was a little shaken up. I can't believe how well I handle that, no problem talking to him...without all the nerves there it made the M &G experience so much more special and enjoyable! My first M & G was amazing but this one far exceeded that one! I realize I did this backwards but the M & G was my fave moment,lol. Sound check was great, David was his normal charming self, we got From Here To Zero, Mr. Sensitive and I'm Gonna Love You. SHOW TIME!!!!!! The first opening act, Jeff LeBlanc was cute, funny and charming, I liked him! Second opening act, Satellite...ummm they were tolerable? The lead singer had be laughing cause of the faces he was making and the bassist looked like he was stoned, lmao..but the music wasn't to bad I was just in hurry for DA MAN to take the stage!!! Around 9 :45 Mr. Cook took the stage. Gotta say I love the Paper Heart drum intro, so cool! I was in rock and roll heaven as I was directly in front of my rock god!!! There is nothing and I repeat nothing like watching David perform up close, the passion he performs with is just mind blowing, he is so memorizing to watch. So before the show I read a tweet that David had told a fan the previous night that there would be reps from a potential record label in the house so he wanted us to be extra loud. As I mentioned earlier this was my third show DC show but I have also seen Bon Jovi four times and it was without question the loudest show I have ever been too! Several times my ears were ringing and it wasn't from the music! I really hoped he felt the love cause we were loud and proud!!! We sure love our idol I'll try to do some highlights but it's not easy for me cause every second of David's shows are a highlight to me. The new songs are crazy good in person! Eyes On You was so freaking fun to dance to and it was cute/funny when David told us he wanted to see us all dancing or he would stop the song till we did what he asked (he did stop it,lol), the whole room was a moving and a grooving!!! Kiss And Tell is a bad ass song that is fun to head bang to. Carry You, has a wicked cool vibe to it. Where Do We Go, piano David rocks and this is one of my faves out the new ones. “when the light leaves our heart do we know where to start?” love that lyric and yes I got the shirt! I'm Gonna Love You, umm clean up in the front please cause I melted into a pile of goo, so beautiful! From Here To Zero, when I first heard this song I loved it of course but really wanted to hear it with the full band (electric), so I was over the moon to hear it (love it even more)! This needs a paragraph of it's own.. Wicked Game.. OH EM GHEE...witnessing that in that close of a proximity is an out of this world experience!!! Pure awesomeness and perfection!!! All songs were amazing of course..I mean seriously it's David Cook how could it not be amazing! But Fade Into Me/Time Of My Life, I almost have no words for this! It was such a special moment singing loud and proud along with David letting him feel how much we love him and having him return that love right back! You blow my mind Mr. Cook!!! David seems so happy, relaxed and at ease, it is wonderful to see. He was so funny and adorable, love the interaction with Monty, it is to cute. His banter and relationship with the audience is one of many things that make his shows so fun..and addictive (you never know what is gonna happen at a David Cook show!) He closed the show with Laying Me Low, this song rocks live and is tons of fun to sing along to and can't forget the stomp clap! I think I have rambled enough and I apologize if it doesn't make much sense, my brain is still on cloud 9 million. On a side note I have to mention the power of music. I have Fibromyalgia and doing a GA show with that is like adding gasoline to a fire!! Once David took the stage I was fine, I got lost in the music and everything faded away! Paying dearly for it now but it's worth it!! Another side note (promise this is the last one) David's fans are awesome, meet some wonderful ladies! In closing, NYC was indeed the Time Of My Life and I made some wonderful memories that I will carry in my heart always. Thanks for reading my ramblings!!! David & I David & the hat I gave him
  2. What a show!! Gotta try to get my brain to function to write it down! justforme, it was cool to meet you and your welcome!
  3. Chilling in NJ right now will be heading to the city soon...my friend scored us M & G..so stoked!!!
  4. Thanks for the sharing your pics Jamie, they are amazing! He's so handsome
  5. Heard there where camera police out in full force so I'm glad to see ppl found a way to get some vids anyway..you can't stop a DC fan thanks to all who shared vids, there awesome! Gotta say that when I was watching them I could hear some guys singing/screaming..love hearing that!
  6. AMAZING vids! loving the new songs. His voice keeps getting better and better!
  7. So sorry Jamie, that's just shitty! Anyone know if there is a cellcast?
  8. I love it too. I think, for me, it's because Analog Heart represents HIM--his music, his vision, without all the compromises he has had to make with his music since Idol. If this had a like button, I would so hit it! Totally agree!
  9. I am going to the NYC one! Finally gonna see the big apple AND meet a DC buddie I have been chatting with for a couple years. So excited!
  10. Love is not a strong enough for him touring again!! Cell cast, new vids, pics, recaps... Now just announce a NY show and all will be perfect!!
  11. Yay for possible tour plans. I was hoping though that it was a record label..maybe that is next
  12. Sus, on twitters vid. Sooooo cute!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=KWqC6rDJhlg
  13. That was his best idol performance post show to date! He sounded amazing, looked amazing & the stomp/clap thing was so damn cool! Loved every min of it and loved how into it Keith was, that was to cute.
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