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  1. Well I, for one, am happy to hear about any and ALL writing sessions. Keep it up, Dave.
  2. SQUEE! And YAY! And OMG THANK YOU! I can't wait!! But I will be patient. WOOT!
  3. Did anybody get/find HARD TO BELIEVE? It sound amazing on the ustream and I had been hoping against hope for a utoob. *Sniff*
  4. I love how happy Dave sounds in his tweet. Hope he's enjoying himself immensely cuz once he starts touring, he's gonna be BUSY! That said, is TWITTER down for anyone else? Just me? Bueller? LOL
  5. [/quote] My sister LOVED that show and him. She also loved another time travel series "Voyagers". Do you remember that one from the 80s, Made?[/quote] Butting in to ask, VOYAGERS with Jon-Erik Hexum? If so...OMG, I loved that show. And DC related, OMG, we're getting so freaking close to TLM dropping. WOOT!
  6. Beautiful, Daina. My second favorite voice after Dave is Garth Brooks and I F Love this song. It's perfect for Dave and his big ole heart. Thanks for making and sharing.
  7. SQUEE! David Cook was awesome. Great Voice. Great Looks. Great Guy = Happy Fan!
  8. What's not to love about David Cook? ::ponders:: Nope, can't think of anything. He's not perfect by any means, but his flaws just make him more perfect. To realize he struggles, as the rest of us do, but is able to be the amazing person that he is....that's an INSPIRATION to me. He motivates me to want to be a better person. I'm so proud of him I could PLODE! Can't imagine what Beth has been feeling these past few days.
  9. Love all the pix and vids and the unbuttoned shirt. David has always been beautiful, but he's stepped it up to the next level. And looking so slim and fit and almost tiny...LOL. Love how happy and rested and healthy he looks. WOOT!
  10. Neal is going to Africa with Dave. They're just not going for ten days. Apparently more like a day and a half.
  11. since I wasn't there and didn't see him in person, I can't state for a fact, but the tan looks real/natural. Like all his beach running gave him the sun kissed glow. Heeee
  12. Thanks to everyone for pix/vids, can't wait for RECAPS! I love the new song, even via videos. sound fabulous. Love how gorgeous DC looked. He's always beautiful but he's off the hook now. The hair is fantastic! He's fit and trim and glowing and tan and AMAZING looking. Sex walking! And his voice? GUH!
  13. I'll bite. Supposedly been spotted, meaning????
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