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  1. P.S. The hard copy referenced above is the FULL issue of Broken Records Magazine - not just the David article. It will hold many articles. The full issue will also be available on-line as a download and at a fraction of the hard copy cost. I just wanted to clarify this as there seems to be some confusion as to what the hard copy is.
  2. Thanks everyone for the kind remarks about my article. I have one full article and an...article-ette that appeared with the David interview. (i also wrote an article about a country group, Lantana, but of course, no one cares about this) I really loved interviewing Andy Waldeck and Chris Reardon. I spoke to them for two hours and about half of the discussion concerned David. They were fascinating guys. I wished I could have written a longer article because their musical experiences and associations are so vast, but unfortunately, I had a restricted word count for the article. Even though the article was to promo them, I made sure I got some David references inserted! They adore David -- of course they do! Regarding BRM, I agree with all of you - the articles are published on-line - enough. I don't need a hard copy either, but I'll probably get one because it holds three of my articles and seven of my photos. Scott wasn't going to publish a hard copy, but many fans hounded him for such an animal. I spoke to him on Sat morning and he agreed to produce a very short press run. Of course a short run hikes the price exorbitantly. Plates still have to be made for the production, whether there are 50 issues or 5000 issues. The plates are the costliest part of the production, ergo economies of scale are not in effect = a very expensive mag. Some, however, don't mind paying for this. He asked me to pose the question for an assessment of press run quantity.
  3. I read that she recently had serious bladder surgery and perhaps this is reason she was unable to run this year. Heartbreaking indeed.
  4. The big dog is a David Cook fan's dog. The owner (a guy) brought the dog last year too. The dog's nails were painted pink last year - so it is girl dog. I could be wrong but I think the dog is named Flo - but don't set this in stone.
  5. That woman is Bethann Telford (Team BT) – a very courageous woman and very active with the Race for Hope. Here is a very inspirational piece about her http://espn.go.com/espnw/more-sports/8487901/espnw-little-thing-called-hope-leads-bethann-telford-ironman-world-championship
  6. Thank you Chrissie for baking all of those wonderful cookies for the Carmine's luncheon! So delicious and we appreciate your labor of love. It is always a pleasure to chat with you too!
  7. I have large files of photos for Carmines Restaurant and Race for Hope. If you are interested in seeing more images from these events, I am posting my links to my SmugMug page. I might add more images to these files within the week. The Race for Hope file is especially large. Thanks! Carmines Restaurant Event - http://longlensgypsy.smugmug.com/Music/David-Cook-Race-for-Hope/29251663_FTRcm7#!i=2493366015&k=JvNMqpn Race for Hope 2013 - http://longlensgypsy.smugmug.com/Events/Race-for-Hope-with-David-Cook/29266191_xVhw5j#!i=2494965838&k=nPFxJ8L
  8. Hey Jul! I see you in the crowd and it looks like David recognizes you too!
  9. Here is one more from Carmines and the next post from me will have RFH images.
  10. Thanks for saving me the work of posting Carmines photos! I am a bit overwhelmed with all of the images I captured this weekend. I will post one more Carmines image and proceed to post some RFH images. Thanks again!
  11. It has been a wonderful five years! Happy Anniversary!
  12. i agree with everything you noted. I so hoped for a concert on the docket too and I also hope new faces are at his table. Ultimately, I hope oodles of dollars are raised for his cause.
  13. I will be at the lunch and of course, the race. I look forward to seeing you!
  14. Thanks again everyone! I am really suffering David photo withdrawal and I hope I can appease this suffering soon - we need to see him in some venues soon! Even though I shoot "something" every weekend, I really miss photo-capturing David's lovely face.
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