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  1. it is that bad iv had a gut feeling and he suffers from nueropothy this is just difficult
  2. hello everyone my stepmom just frantically called my house and my curiosty led me to listen in on the conversation. My dad is dying. what do i do
  3. So as all the recaps say there was a pillowcase involved. And yes it does belong to me. I have had it for almost a year and is def one of my prized possesions. javascript:emoticonp(':lol%20face:') So then I originally wanted to get it signed eventually. I brought it to sacto and no luck so then i went to this concert with my cousin. We really wanted to get his attention so with her amazing arm she threw it. then he bantered about it and it kinda made my life. I think I will buy a new pillow case (I tried to get it back you probably heard me if you went to the gate afterwards haha) And I think I will become the mysterious "pillowcase stalker". And from now on every David cook concert I will attend will be crowned with a pillowcase.
  4. my parents have a house in pacific heights so me my cuz and my mom are heading up from the east bay right after school is the bridge still sposed to be closed??
  5. http://lifeoflauren-lo.blogspot.com/ yes i have a blog i have two actually but i havent touched one for months so read this one its all my life and my journey to self revelation/realizations feedback welcome
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