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  1. The Houston (Woodlands) show is up on the venue's website and the tickets are ON SALE. This one looks real, folks.
  2. He would have sounded great fronting Hinder for a short stint and I'm happy they thought of him. I'm even happier that David has his eye on his current goals though.
  3. Yes, the dog has been at the last couple RFH's. I don't know who's it is, but it's a gorgeous dog.
  4. What do people know about XIX Recordings? I'm not finding much online.
  5. This dinner and t-shirt is very thoughtful and it's pretty cool that everyone there may get a moment with him at the signing. I'm very excited for those going and for those who get to sit with him at dinner. David has varied interests and I'm sure there's plenty to chat with him about. Have a great time, Team DC!!! I'll be wearing my tshirt proudly soon
  6. Hi Jessica, you may start at your school's student programming organization to see what contacts they have with talent agencies. The students there may have experience putting on concerts and can better guide you.
  7. This is a really nice event and I encourage anyone who can make it to go. Chris Evert does a great job of pairing up the participants to play and everyone is mic'ed... which leads to some pretty fun banter. The tennis center is located on Delray's most charming street, too. There are plenty of nice restaurants and shops to visit after the event and you're close to the beach.
  8. But it really DID happen to someone... it happened to David... to a real person with real life beyond his celebrity... who still remembers lies told about him by the media. LOL in his interview... love his humor!
  9. Put yourselves in David's shoes for a minute. How would it feel to publicly deny this rumor? How would it feel if you WERE planning to propose and had to see the paparrazi tell the world before you even get to tell your girl? Then put yourself in Kim's shoes. How would it feel if your boyfriend publicly denied this rumor? How would it feel had it been true and his surprise has been ruined? Have you ever been proposed to? Was the guy nervous? Did he work hard for it? Would you appreciate it if one of your "insiders" blabbed it to the world? If the press reported it as fact? If you were judged by where the rock was purchased or how much it cost? Does any one else on here feel that it is wrong to treat people this way?
  10. David was in the "Dudes, Bro" episode of the Soup with the Andrew Lloyd Webber bit. Joel's punchline: "what worked for Cook was closing his eyes and thinking of David Archuleta instead." It was funny. He wasn't in p.1 of the countdown... p.2 hasn't aired yet.
  11. You should all watch that video again Listen to what he REALLY said when he picked up the ATL panty his opinion on this couldn't be any clearer
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