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  1. Here are my videos from the show.. "Separate Ways"
  2. Here are my mp3's from the show... I am in the process of writing my recap from the weekend.. I will post when it is done.. It was an unforgettable weekend.. "Paper Heart" with back story 4shared.com/mp3/u8ZtOrGvce/Paper_Heart_with_story_NF_3-8-.html "Heroes"with back story 4shared.com/mp3/GN5JmqK-ce/Heroes_with_story_NF_3-8-14.html NEW SONG - "Wait For Me" with back story 4shared.com/mp3/ZbMtGjGtba/Wait_For_Me_with_story_NF_3-8-.html "Kiss You Tonight" with back story (girlfriend disagreement banter) 4shared.com/mp3/qf4FqtJVce/Kiss_You_Tonight_with_story_NF.html "Fade Into Me / Time of my Life" with back story 4shared.com/mp3/-EilHs7Jce/Fade_Into_Me-Time_of_my_Life_w.html
  3. Here is a billboard for the show in the area..
  4. This is Songwriters show which includes Bob DiPiero, Marti Frederikson and David Cook. Here is the link for tickets.. "SOLD OUT" http://www.fallsviewcasinoresort.com/entertainment/event/songwriters-03-2014
  5. I went to Ann Arbor and Irving Plaza. I thought I was done for David show this year..... NO, not done.. Going to Toledo.. YES!! What is funny about the Toledo show, is that we passed that casino as we were going to Ann Arbor. We comment on how nice the casino look.. Now look we are going to the casino.
  6. I am sooo excited that they are back on the road. I can't to see and hear new music. However never forget the oldie but goodies.. I am heading to 2 shows so far.. Ann Arbor and Irving Plaza (I missed the last tour show, I am not missing this one.. ) that he more in NY (come to the other side of the state).
  7. 1 year ago this weekend was the David's NA at Watkins Glen.. What a great day with a unforgettable encounter..
  8. Here are my pictures from Race Day.. Here are the rest of my pictures for Race Day.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/rabrina/sets/72157633444897470/
  9. Here are a few of my pics from the luncheon.. Here are the rest of my pictures.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/rabrina/sets/72157633444030758/
  10. Here is my video of David's speech with his intro...
  11. I have some pictures and videos.. I will post them tomorrow..
  12. This is going to my 3rd year going to the Race 4 Hope.. I am going to miss the concert. However being part of a team lunch with David will definitely will make up for it.. I hope to meet some of you at the lunch and/or at the race..
  13. I am planning to go this year.. As long as my mom stay ok.. The past 2 year that been so amazing and unforgettable..
  14. The calender is absolutely beautiful.. Thanks Chris and Tricia for you taking your time to make this fantastic calendar.
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