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  1. love tha look! he has always been able to look into the camera and make me
  2. I got the smallest package and paid with paypal with no prob.. added my full name first then last for the list
  3. And fuck that's adorable! soooo adorable! And OMG, #1 Google trend? I was wondering what was Casey doing?? trying to catch some of David's talent?
  4. have to agree, the snippet didn't really grab me... turns out I can't get the song out of my head after hearing the whole thing! something tells me hearing it live would even be better..
  5. ^^I think I'm in love Thank you Debrakay. Your pics are amazing!!its been a looong time....these are such gorgeous pictures..
  6. Me too! I'm not fond of his hair! LOL! It's just like in Cirque du Soleil AI days: It makes his head look big! But, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new bod! ..sSSEXXyy!!.. well he does have a massive head.. so he says.
  7. he looks so cute. . but I couldn't help but over hear the guy at the end saying David... David.. Oh..OH! I've been saying that since the first time seeing him myself..LOL
  8. that is hot.. the neck, even the facial expression has my mind wandering..
  9. I'm not going to lie, I sat here watching it myself for a minute or two before I replied back to you.. do you see him lick his lips just before it repeats?? or am I imagining that and for the record I can't stand Miley so back to not watching Idol.
  10. I completely agree with you. No one will come remotely close to him, the judges will always compare their crop of new contestants year after year (if it lasts longer then season 9) to the season 7 winner but will never be satisfied.
  11. Love him! Can't you just picture him, and hear him mocking that kind of insipid lyric? Oh yeah! I just remembered he would probably use the "Congratulations Sweetheart here's your trophy" Porn voice to say it with too. absolutely, no doubt in my mind he would do that!
  12. safe travels everyone, can't wait for pics and videos, its been too long!
  13. Yeah, that one actually comes almost close to what his eyes are in person up close. thats true, its hard to get a picture that actually shows his beautiful colour, I remember the first time meeting him and didn't realize how stunning his eyes were until speaking to him face to face, I studdered, totally mesmorized by them.
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