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  1. Let's vote @thedavidcook for Ultimate World Idol, here (we can vote every 30 minutes or every 10 minutes ... I think, we can vote several times a day): http://tinyurl.com/nu23c5
  2. Please vote for Come Back to Me at Myx text: MYX(space)VOTE(space)Come Back To Me, and send to 2366 -> MYX(space)VOTE should be ALL CAPS! * Please vote Monday to Sunday * Limit is 10 votes per sim
  3. This technically isn't a poll, it's for a Youtube vid so I apologize . Uhmm, there are two videos here, one for David Cook, one for David Archuleta. Unfortunately, the video for David Cook has been receiving from time to time negative comments and a lower rating than it actually deserves. So I humbly ask, please rate it 5 stars. Thank you :
  4. Please vote for David ( David vs. Daughtry ) : http://www.fresh1027.com/pages/4027464.php * To vote again and again, we need to vote alternately at different matchups ( ex. vote for David at David vs. Daughtry , press "vote" ; then vote for Carrie at Carrie vs. Natasha, press "vote" ; ... then we'll be able to vote again for David - vote again for David at David vs. Daughtry , press "vote" ). I apologize if this is a duplicate posting, but I wasn't able to find a a previous topic similar to this. But if there is, please merge this with the previous topic. Thank you.
  5. Hello. Oh boy, Light On has the yellow thermoter, while the other songs have flames. Friends, if there ever was a time to powervote at Vh1, it's now. We need to vote, vote, vote and set the flame a blaze ... !
  6. Please vote for David Cook at Sony BMG Ph. Thank you. Uhmm, clear cookies/browsing history to vote again Visit http://sonymusicphil.wordpress.com/
  7. ^ Thanks for the welcome . It's 1:21 am in my neck of the woods and I have work tomorrow. Good night *waves goodbye*
  8. Hi. . Been lurking here for a while, this would be my first post. I made them...well I pieced several images together but I don't own the source pictures. They're part of a series , 30 in all. I haven't exactly mastered image editing yet so please bear with me. Some are passable, the others are well, less amusing. If you'd like to see more please search for my profile page, my username over at davidcookofficial is riverhorse. I'd made them thinking they'd make people either smile or laugh. P.S. I hope you ladies don't mind me being here. I'm a guy. Note to self : next time put watermarks on image chops.
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