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  1. Lisieux. Haha, that's what first came to mind.... anyway..
  2. Matt Giraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Danny Gokey or Kris Allen?
  3. Cash. David having kids or David having puppies?
  4. OMG! I freaked out when I saw my pic on the cover! GREAT JOB!!! You guys are the best. Enjoy the time of your lives!!
  5. The one at the playground or dance steps? I'd choose Slide. Ice skating or roller skating?
  6. Paper! (I'm environment friendly, LOL!) Terry or Dublin?
  7. you mean Patchy? PERFECT! Why didn't I think of that before?!?! "ARRGH You ready kids?!" "I CAN'T HEAR YOUUUUU!!!"
  8. Desktop. A David pic and autograph or a David hug?
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