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  1. My thoughts and prayers go out David and his family at this time of mourning. I am just amazed that David still found the strength to run after finding out about his brother passing. But that just must've given him all the more motivation to get out there and do it, it hopes that someday others may be saved. Rest In Peace Adam. ~ ~Ebony~ ~
  2. Howdy! I like the hair. It's good times like sunshine . Should call him Sunshine now.... But anyway. ~ ~Ebony~ ~
  3. I got it to work ! Thanks for the help ladies! ~ ~Ebony~ ~
  4. A hilarious, random video created by someone who might have a little too much time on their hands, but still maveling in the genius of how they did that. At least that how it was for me. The beanie, a nice touch. ~ ~Ebony~ ~
  5. How? When I click the link, I get a blank white page. I'm feeling a little techo-tarded this evening. ~ ~Ebony~ ~
  6. Umm, may seem like a silly question, but, how do I get the Podcast to play for me? ~ ~Ebony~ ~
  7. ! Not a bad turn out! Oh, and by the way, it feels kind of nice being amongst you lot again talking about being David's boobie friend. Some things never change.... . ~ ~Ebony~ ~
  8. If that was an hour ago, he could be on right now! Maybe if I stood outside my house I can hear him.... Probably not, though, damn. And Jenny, you can be his boobie friend. Like it was suggested, a schedule could be made. ~ ~Ebony~ ~
  9. Oh God, I think I would die a little. So would I! My boobs would make good friends! Their soft, nicely sized, make great pillows.... ~ ~Ebony~ ~
  10. Haha.. Schedule! Good stuff. Brainstorming t-shirt ideas... "Can I be your boobie friend?" Haha. HA! That would make for some interesting double takes. Plus, if he looks at your chest, he would have the perfect excuse built in. "No, I'm not staring at your boobies. I was reading you shirt! Oh, and by the way, the answer is....yes." ~ ~Ebony~ ~
  11. No you didn't. It happened. With me considering applying to a Playboy Bunny to work the Playboy Club at the Palms. ~ ~Ebony~ ~
  12. When was there snow flurries? I saw nothing but sunshine and warm weather with a nice breeze today ? Must be up toward the mountains.... But then the weather in one part of Vegas doesn't always match the weather in another part. We're weird like that. Anyway....carry one. ~ ~Ebony~ ~
  13. I hope the next show here in town will be open to all, meaning ME! I thought about scoping out the MGM, but reconsidered very quickly, taking into account the last few weeks and how guilty I felt about what I did at the Mirage. So, today, I shall stay strong and TRY not to think about the fact that Dave is mere few minutes from me..... Alas. ~ ~Ebony~ ~
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