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  1. Is this the thread to post info/pics/vids from new shows or just for discussion of past shows?
  2. Hey Pam! I'm another 'MIA'. *waves - Hi everyone!' Not only have I not seen those pics, but have a feeling I've missed a whole lot. I'm no help in your search, but thought I'd say 'Hey Pam!!' anyway.
  3. Quick update - I'm now in Wisconsin!!! Getting settled in, looking for a job, trying to get my computer to connect to the internet (I'm on my BIL's laptop). Hope you all had a great 4th!!
  4. Annette & Barb - Thanks for the positive vibes!! Everyone here is very sad that I'm leaving, and I'm so stuck on "It's finally almost over!!!", that I can't relate to their sadness. Probably after I'm out of this hell I've been dealing with for the last 4 years, I'll desperately miss everyone, but right now I'm just so elated that it will all be over in a week!! I'm badly in need of an adventure, and I think this is exactly what I need.
  5. Annette - Sounds like both Abi and David are thriving! Kudos to you! I love seeing parents who aren't afraid to be parents! Jeannie - The lighthouse is awesome! It's personal history for you. Glad you got to go there and walk in your Dad's footsteps. You and your Mother are in my prayers. Caring for parents is the hardest thing anyone can ever do in their life. I'm glad to hear that the rest of your family is helping out. Usually that falls on one person, and the rest only armchair quarter-back. It's nice to hear that the whole family is willing to do their part. Good news from me!!! YAY!! I will be leaving NY on June 29 headed to WI with my sister in a Budget moving truck!! Never thought I'd be excited about something like that! Hahahahaha Should arrive in WI on the 30th. Will begin job hunting probably after July 4th, so I'll get a few days of R&R.
  6. Thanks for the condolences. Sometimes my frustration cup runneth over! Thanks for letting me vent here. Love you guys!
  7. Crazy schedules, kitties impaling themselves, vacation planning... OH MY!!! Unfortunately, I'm locked in limbo. I sold my house, but my mortgage holder has to approve the sale and they are dragging their feet BIG TIME!! Until they approve this I'm stuck here. When the do approve it, I'm moving in with my sister in Wisconsin. So... I can't leave NY but I can't really work, and I can't seriously look for work in Wisconsin as I have no clue as to when I'll actually be in Wisconsin. I never liked limbo....
  8. Annette - Sounds like David's teachers are really taking care of him, and have his best interests at heart. Hope you all have a beautiful Mother's Day!
  9. Yes, the first year is the hardest. It's gets better after that. Actually, you just learn to deal with it better. Glad your kids will be spending the day with you.
  10. Wow! He did a really good job on the NA! You must have been bursting with pride!
  11. I'm hanging my head in shame. I haven't been on here in forever, and obviously life has continued on for all of you while I've been selfishly dealing with my life, forgetting about you guys! BARB - I am sooo saddened to hear of your loss. If you ever need to talk to someone who's been there and who will NEVER judge you, Please let me know. ANNETTE - What a fantastic Mom you are!!! You go girl!!! I only went back a few pages to get caught up, so I'm positive I've missed out on other events. Geeze Louise!!! I apologize to all of you wonderful people for neglecting you all. You deserve better.
  12. pn112

    Yes or No?

    Of course!! Did you get what you wanted for the holidays?
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