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  1. Hope everything is going well, love the avatar. Take care
  2. Thanks Jodi, I think I will pick Lefty Hooker Cooker Word Nerd!!! Hope everything is drying out and working ok there. Keep safe. My son in law was in LA with KS National Guard helping hand out supplies etc for 2 weeks after Labor day. He is back home now. Hope no new ones come anytime soon. Thanks again Barb
  3. I would like for you to find me one. I am 49 yrs old , originally from NM but moved to Liberal,KS. graduated from there married at 18 and still together 30 yrs going on 31 now. My best friend to grow old with. We have a son who would have been 27 in Dec but lost him in car wreck when he was 22 1/2 on July 4 04. We have a daughter that is 22 now, married with 1 yr old son and have 11 yr old son who is big fan of DC also. I work at hospital in admissions. Ride my own motorcycle Vstar 650 that is lime green haha. Love DC and his music etc big time. Dream is to get to meet him someday at one of solo concerts . I am a lefty too and felt a connection to DC from him starting out from Tulsa,OK. Love his music, his sense of humor, his smile, and his feet on the ground take on all the fame, Very proud of him and know that he will be around for long time. I also listen to all types of music including my daughter's and 11 yr old son's rap haha. So am counting on you to pick a good title for me!!!! I am also keeper of Mavid's Silly String!!!! thanks PS I am also from Hooker, OK lol and have a sense of humor!!!
  4. I would like to be the keeper of the Mavid's Silly String Please?????
  5. Hello, noticed my request for new number has disappeared so asking again but don't know if number was assigned yet or not?
  6. I like your example of the hottest man alive, maybe with David on the couch? as signature if possible .... know would like anything that you did but would like one that shows his beautiful eyes and sexy smile. Thanks
  7. These are such good pics of David and his strange taste in hat wear but it works for him and I agree his eyes and smile are amazing. They just grab you!
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