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  1. David better manages to make his NYE resolution comes true!!!!!! Just sayin'. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!!!
  2. Here in perú, other than in my mind and on my cellphone music player, you don't hear him... *rolly* Sucks. But his time will come soon.
  3. The only one of his tattoos I dislike a little it's the eye, and only because it reminds me of the monster of the Pan's labyrinth..lol But I love tattoos and since all of them have a special meaning to him, I think they're cool.
  4. I will vote for the first song of this album I've ever heard, and my first favorite: The truth. But I love them ALL equally.
  5. Right now I am in love with Thrill of it all, from the Midwest Kings album. I am in love with their music, Neal is hell of a writer, and Andy's sweet voice amaze me everytime. So David, They're both up there with you in my preferences. Just amazing! When will I fall in love with the whole world in a day If it's not too late and In the wake chapters written for the heart of mistakes The pain it takes, the pain it takes away It makes you crawl As it makes you small As I'm falling even further than what I was at all And I like it The way she moves It's candid ‘Cause I'm failing to be a wreck for you And I know when I'm through with you all Sharpened eyes looking to cut me up In the thrill of it all
  6. what's a purvy flat andy?? sounds like an amazing night!!! I'm so sure tomorrow will be epic too! enjoy girls
  7. I like AH a little more too...gahh a whole concert of that would be unbelievable. Won't say i would travel for that, cause seriously if I could I would have done it already lol
  8. haha michelle i know you loooove the song!!! finally he decided to play it hope next is porcelain btw
  9. OMG I'm the only peruvian here...lol I guess my chances of him coming are not high....but here you go! Name: Fanny Word Nerd Number: 3553 Location (Country and City): Lima - Perú What kind of contribution you can give: pics, info about my country. Promote our group. Ideas for the project: A book with information about our countries seems perfect! Also the video
  10. AHHHH I still need to convince ANY radio station ANY show here to play his music...they play Archie's song..like TOO much, It's like banging in ur head all day...but Cookies..NOT. *rolly
  11. Ahh I know the feeling so well! Can be so frustating reading about all the fans meeting him and being far away and not being able to go to just one show! I wish....I wish, yes a lot of things, that he comes to my country eventually, but being realistic it won't happen soon cause he's NOT famous at all here, sadly. So, it's more likely I will go to USA to see him....yet not happening soon this year. BUT I'm optimistic, he's a great artist, his career is just starting, he'll become more famous and I will get to meet him one day, we all will JUST HAVE A LITTLE FAITH
  12. Terry Impostah is damn funny! If it's Dave or not, whatever, I have a good laugh each time he twits!
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