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  1. Some peeps are saying that the band is being billed? But I don't know were people saw a sign with The Anthemic on it. Does anybody know? Oh yeah. Songs are amazing. Voice is stellar.
  2. http://tiny.cc/LdHGc Vera is amazing. That line keeps sticking in my head it is haunting. "The Fire..." at 3:42 is my favorite. How can a song can be haunting and kick ass at the same time?
  3. Does anyone have an update on how the concert is selling? Now that Adam Lambert has announced he has a concert the same night only 40min away from the Morongo I wonder if fans will go to that concert instead? Also many fans decided to go to the MWK concert instead of this one. I will feel bad if this one does not sell well.
  4. ha I just noticed Neal has no black nail polish. I was like oh Neal has nice hands. Wait. He has no polish! Random I know.
  5. Saw that his new tat is the last few lines of that poem called "The Dash" can't be mad at the boy for such a heartfelt tat.
  6. I think the concert was canceled due to low ticket sales. A venue can do this if the artist does not meet the magic number to make it worthwhile for them to put on a concert. Just a theory I think is more realistic then some of the other theories I have heard floating about. Although you would think they would have realized this at the start of the week and let people know then instead of less than 24hrs notice.
  7. The note was actually from Jamie from GRO. He was sitting on the ground in the barricade section up front. The note said Neal, will you go out with me? And then David asked Neal. What was the answer? And Neal said yes. And that's when David said you know this would be the time to play the song we did last night.
  8. The story behind Eye of the Tiger and then the Porn music banter. He said that the guys spent Thanksgiving with Jason their tech guys family. And they played a game called Corn Hole? Can't remember it exactly. He said that he and Andy were a team and were undefeated so he wanted Jason to play Eye of the Tiger so they could gloat. Jason couldn't find it so the guys started playing it.
  9. OMG are we going to go through this again??!!!!!!! Seriously????!!!!! It's freakin David and Kyle. Geeze.
  10. Thanks for the pics IrishGalDC. What happened in that one pic were David is fireman carrying Kyle off the stage? LOL
  11. Ok Kathy this is a screen cap from your videos that someone on DCO posted.
  12. Wow thanks for the great videos. MITB Ah-Ma-Zah-Zing. David looked great last night. So great to see him so happy and in front of friends.
  13. Andy has family at the show tonight. So of course David would let Andy sing.
  14. 2nd Fl show - Tickets purchased- Still looking at the first date. Not sure about it
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