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  1. Thanks Stacy (realiTVlover)... Here are a few photos from the night: " />" />" />" />" />" />
  2. Hi All, I know I hardly post on the site, but I love this forum--it's my go-to place for all things David! Well it has been almost 2 years since the last time I saw David and the guys in concert (Clifton Park 2011).... I was so thrilled that they were coming to NYC (which I'm not to far away from). My friend from College who lives in the city was able to come with me! She has watched American Idol from it's beginning and loved Season 7, especially David. However, the last time she saw him was on the Idol Tour and has only listen to his self-titled album. She thoroughly enjoyed this show, I will definitely gift her his new stuff once it becomes available, hopefully converting her to a love David even MORE (*crosses fingers for early 2014 music release). Unfortunately, I missed out again on a M&G ticket---but I was just so grateful to see David perform again, and finally hear his new music LIVE! While waiting on line the 3 woman that my friend and I talked to knew of David more from his Idol days and his first album. I told them that he plays more songs from This Loud Morning and that he is showcasing some of his new material. They seem enthusiastic and I hope after IP performance that they will follow David more. I was happy to see a lot guys at the show and they seem to be enjoying David's music, as well. The 1st opening act--the guy was nice and his stuff was okay, but crowd gave him love. The 2nd act was loud and did a few too many songs in my opinion and the singer has some weird facial expressions, but their trying and that's what counts. By 9:45 pm, my friend and I were dying to see David and the guys.... The noise level in IP went from tolerable to deafening, which was fantastic and I hope David and the guys felt the LOVE cause NY fans gave it to them and I'm proud to say I was one of them!! I definitely agree with the other post the intro for Paperheart is fabulous and really gets the crowd going! I loved hearing David and all of the songs from that night--David gave 150% of himself and I was so happy for him. My favorite David songs from the night had to be Heroes w/ Champange Supernova, Circadian, We Believe, From Here to Zero, Eyes on You, FIM/TOML, Declaration, & Laying Me Low. -----I wholeheartedly agree with this statement, Heroes is a great song and I love hearing it every time, especially with the added bonus of Champagne Supernova...The Crowd at IP, even the men we pointing and singing that entire song, which I do hope those record reps can see how much David is LOVED by all of his fans (whether they know some of his songs or are DC fans that have followed him through and through) The crowd loved Circadian, We Believe, and Declaration!! This was my 1st time hearing We Believe Live and it was great! I believe this performance of Circadian was better than the one he performed at Clifton Park. I absolutely loved hearing the new material in-person, although I love the youtube videos of the songs. Being there just makes the songs so much better! I also love that he is adventuring out into playing the keyboard. I believe as right now my top 3 new songs are Eyes on You, Carry You, and Kiss & Tell. His banter from IP was just fantastic (hopefully more youtube videos will pop-up soon with more banter, I would love to see a video of David Taking a Drink from Monty's liquor bottle)....I especially loved when he was threatening us to dance for Eyes on You and him stopping the music to say- that's not good enough New York My other fave was him saying that he already been paid for this gig and that he could stay and play all night-long b/c he didn't have to be anywhere for two days, he cracks me up! I have been dying to hear From Here to Zero & Laying Me Low live since they first came out. Hearing both songs live exceeded all of my expectations. I was so excited, for me both bring out some of the Best of David and his endless talent. Hearing FIM in-person is something I would love to live over and over again, it is such a special song to me. I had the pleasure of hearing it in Clifton Park, but the IP version was on another level. The energy at IP really got to me and I was so touched by the moment that I was a little tear-eyed by the end of the song. It something I will always cherish---his love for us and our love for him was so strong in that moment it was beautiful. I had seen leading up to concert that he had begun to add TOML to FIM and I was like oh boy---I knew from Idol finale that TOML was not something David would ever write, especially "the magic rainbow" line. I will say that TOML works for that moment in the concert b/c it just him and the audience singing and shows how far he comes from his Idol days. And I def was one of the ones giving "magic rainbow" it angry tone while singing-along b/c I know how much David dislikes that part ( & I'm right there with him) LOL. Love it! Also love his giggle when people start shushing before he starts to sing lol.------The statement before FIM was truly great! The COVERS: I AM OBSESSED WITH WICKED GAMES AND HEARING IT LIVE WAS TRULY EPIC. The beginning part of the song got me weak in the knees (his voice), and then him on keyboard I loved Purple Rain too... Seriously, that boy knows how to do covers... In the interview before his concert at Cain Ballroom, he talked about doing the cover of the new Lorde song--Royal if he does that song, I will DO anything to hear him do that cover live!! Thanks Sweet On Cook for your recap---you captured a lot of what I loved from that night and said it better than I ever could. I'm truly happy for David, he's doing great with his new found energy & freedom. I 'm glad Andy and Monty are there for him, the trio are great together. And the new drummer seems great too. I had a wonderful time and I hope he comes back to NY again in 2014. I apologized for the long recap. ~Jess
  3. ^^^ I couldn't agree more, very well said I was so excited to go on iTunes this morning and download it---it's weird the songs that I buy the most on iTunes are David's songs because I want his music right away!!! Yes, the style is definitely a change from David's past songs, but he knows what he's doing!! And I'm just along for the ride!!! Woohoo His voice sounds GREAT. The lyrics in this song tell a very sexy tale indeed Amazing key change in the 2nd verse! The Bridge---the stomp/clap part is pretty awesome!!! Love the break in this part of the chorus: "I fall apart when I'm with you I cry when I kiss you I know, you're really no good" I can't wait to hear the live performance on Thursday!! Hopefully more people will purchase the song that day or the next day!! **Keeping Fingers Crossed** Thank You, ShookByCook for posting the lyrics
  4. My Top 5 DC Live Performances are from the Shows that I have gone to over the years, I still wish I could have gone to more than 3 shows, here's hoping the future is promising. No particular order to my list. 1)Bar-Ba-Sol: VERY HOT!! Hard Rock Cafe NY--Album Release 11/18/08 2)Lie: I absolutely love this version (acapella), Bethlehem, PA 8/3/09 3)Straight Ahead: The Analog Heart Fan in me was dying, I was singing along, but was stared at because the people near me only know post-idol David songs (which is such a sad fact) Bethlehem, PA 8/3/09 4)Declaration (2008/2009)/ ADAM (2009): Hand Clapping & Hand Waving!!! Great moments btwn David and his audience 5) Heroes (w/ Champagne Supernova): I can't not get enough of this version--his little trick here enhances his song even more, Clifton Park, NY 12/3/11 *Runners-up List: We're Only Honest When We're Sleeping: Again, I was the only one in my seating area enjoying this song, Bethlehem, PA 8/3/09 Kiss on the Neck: Bethlehem, PA 8/3/09 Fade into Me: Clifton Park, NY 12/3/11 REM: Clifton Park, NY 12/3/11 Circadian: Clifton Park, NY 12/3/11*
  5. Very Tough Decision! In no particular order, My Top 5 DCTR/TLM: 1) Lie 2) Bar-ba-sol 3) ADAM/ Permanant (B/c they are connected) 4) Fade Into Me 5) REM *These are my runner-up songs: Mr. Sensitive, Circadian, Kiss on the Neck, Declaration, Goodbye to the Girl, RHWY, & Breathe Tonight*
  6. My Top Five (no particular order): 1) All Right Now 2) I'm Alive 3) Little Sparrow 4) Baba O'Reily---wish we could have heard him do the whole song!! 5) It's a tie btwn The World I Know & First Time I Ever Saw Your Face I still LOVE all the other AI songs David performed, but if I was asked to choose those songs above would be my choices!!
  7. Happy Anniversary WNH!!!!! This is my favorite to places to go to for all things David! Keep up the good work
  8. Thanks for the info, glad to see David starting to creep out of his writer's hole LOL. Also letting us know about his new music coming out and that he will be appearing on Idol again. I'm glad AI and David are loyal to one another giving us a a chance to see him, every year!! It's a week away, yay: April 30th & May 2nd!!!
  9. Know this might be a long shot, but does anyone mind pm-ing these snippets to me. I lost the ones I had on my computer . And even though they are 30 seconds long, these songs are still awesome. Thanks so much ~Jess
  10. THANK YOU COOKIE NOOKIE!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE Absolutely amazing, I've been looking for this video to re-watch!!!
  11. My recap: I was in general admission (next time VIP for sure) I arrived at the venue at 6pm and the line for GA was already long. Standing out in the cold again for David, remind me of my time waiting in NYC for his first album release party. I was happy to see a mixture of fans both in age and gender (a lot of guys with their girlfriends or wives). We finally were let in a little after 7pm. I wanted to stand on Andy's side but there was way too many people already there. So I went on to "Neal's" side of the stage. I was a lot much closer, David would be diagonal from me. The opening act was okay. Than we waited a while for them to set -up for David. At that time, I could see Andrew standing near the sound equipment, cool that he's hanging out with his brother. As we waited, I started freaking out because I haven't seen David since Aug 3rd, 2009, and lately I've been use to only seeing him on youtube but now he was going to be on that stage in front of me. And this time I was a lot closer than I've ever been before. He started and as always he and the band were amazing. I was so happy he did heroes w/ supernova, one of my favorites things he does with his music. I LOVED Dogman---> definitely showed David hard-core rocker voice. I enjoyed him not having his guitar for the two covers-> let him move around a little more and show a different side of himself. I loved getting to hear 4 Letter Word. And definitely FIM & REM--> those two songs made my night. He didn't banter like he normally does, he was very mellow. He was very humble and appreciating the love from the audience. He kept thanking us, which was adorable. And a few times at the end of songs, you could see him just taking in everything (bad metaphor: stop and smell the roses). That was the first time I had seen him do that, but it was something that David would do- I just thought it was interesting to witness. I definitely do think when he said he is almost finished with the run of this tour-- he just means this year because it the holiday time and he wants to be with family. He'll be back out touring again. Hopefully, he'll do more songs from the newer album because last night he played more from the first album. I gotta some good pictures last night, finally! Here Great night, can't wait to look at the videos posted to re-live it all over again ~Jess
  12. Amazing show, David is never a disappointing act. I loved every minute of it. Especially since both cover songs-- he wasn't connected to a guitar. Very tired but will post pictures soon. I hope all the first time concert goers had a blast, I know I did.
  13. Does anyone think that there maybe a chance to get autographs from the guys before or after show. I never know what the protocol is for these events. thanks
  14. So excited for this show-I can't believe its next weekend. Finally finalize everything, so I could attend this show. Thank goodness David is coming to NY and my college not so far away from this venue.
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