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  1. I wanted to know if some people are still looking for roomates, can you please let me know. thank you. Loud Tour '11 : 02/12;09/12 RFH '12: 05/05;06/05 Tour '13: 25/10;26/10;06/11;09/11
  2. well since my plans to go to NYC are kaput, gonna save that money for RFH weekend! just registered! will work through travel arrangements the best I can. I'd rather spend my bday weekend doing something meaningful for brain cancer this year. Loud Tour '11 : 02/12;09/12 RFH '12: 05/05;06/05 Tour '13: 25/10;26/10;06/11;09/11
  3. think I'm gonna ask someone for a t-shirt. wanted to go this year so bad but airfare is so expensive! even if I'd go by bus, it would be too long and I'd missed the team member event on saturday. P.S so sorry for the loss of ur friend Stacy. Cancer sucks. thoughts and prayers are with you and Carrie's family. *hugs* Stephora Loud Tour '11 : 02/12;09/12 RFH '12: 05/05;06/05 Tour '13: 25/10;26/10;06/11;09/11
  4. hi! I got 2 twitter friends looking for Xtra VIP tickets for KC. if anyone got any, could you please contact Amy and Jenny on twitter, please? their usernames are @amytx84 and @cooksongrl thank you! Stephora aka cookienerd0006 Loud Tour '11: 02/12; 9/12 RFH 2012: 05/05;06/05 Tour' 13: 25/10;26;10;06/11;09/11
  5. Also if anyone got an Xtra VIP M&G ticket to that show, can you please let me know asap? thanks again. Stephora aka Cookienerd0006
  6. Ok. now that I saw that there's a direct bus from Montreal to Patchogue, I am very tempted to go to the show! I was just wondering. how to get from Patchogue to NYC? the plan for me was to get to Patchogue directly, having the show and stuff, check out and get to NYC! should I use the subway? any info will help me in making this work. thank you! P.S Guess I want to do this since there's no Canadian dates announced yet ( I really hope it has nothing to do with concert bar taxes increasing these days across Canada). Stephora Loud Tour '11: 02/11;09/11 RFH '12 : 05/05;06/05
  7. NYC!!! Coming Too! so exciting!! on a side note, does anyone have an Xtra VIP ticket to the Ann Arbor show? my friend Angela is going but she couldn't find any left. please let me know. thank you. Stephora aka Cookienerd0006 Loud Tour '11: 02/12;09/12 RFH 2012: 05/05;05/06
  8. SYTYCD Canada "Permanent" SYTYCD "Fade Into Me" Oh My. I totally forgot about Permanent on So You Think you Can Dance Canada! that was so moving especially with that gorgeous routine from Nico and Allie. I got to see that routine live front row and I had tears in my eyes. my friend knew why when she 1st heard the music. Loud Tour' 11: 02/12;09/12 RFH '12: 05/05;06/05 ~will attend RFH 2013~
  9. will try my best to attend again!! it was such a great weekend meeting everyone ( especially you Tricia after all these years! finally). such a moving experience. Stephora aka Cookienerd0006 Declaration Tour '09: 13/03;23/05;03/08;04/08;02/10;03/10;14/11;16/11 Loud Tour' 11: 02/12;09/12 RFH '12: 05/05;06/05 P.S Wished I had been to that restaurant. looked like ya'll had some fun there.
  10. 2 weeks ago I was inside a Shoppers Drug Smart ( in Quebec it's called Pharmaprix) store and I was getting some mascara, cold medicine when FIM started to play!! I was like ??!!! I was so happy since I never heard it. I stayed inside store till end of the song! lol Stephora aka cookienerd0006 Declaration Tour '09: 13/03;23/05;03/08;04/08;02/10;03/10;14/11;16/11 Loud Tour' 11: 02/12;09/12 RFH '12: 05/05;06/05 ~will attend RFH 2013~
  11. Here is my NOH YT playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2D33983E86ECB7F6 NOH/RFH '12: 05/05;06/05 Loud Tour'11: 02/12;09/12
  12. Here are some pics: rest of pictures are here NOH/RFH 2012: 05/05;06/05 Loud Tour '11: 02/12;09/12
  13. I'm so late with my recap of that wonderful weekend. real life got so hectic these last 2 months. wow words cannot express how humbled and grateful I felt coming this year. to witness such an intimate and wonderful concert by David, watching little survivors speak about their battle against cancer really hit home with me. I remember going back to my hotel room and being a bawling mess. wow was so emotional after that night but again I can never thank Stacy enough for making it happen for me , picking me up in NYC then getting Barb along the way and to drive up all the way to FC. so thank you so much!! . seriously to experience that then the next day, volunteering at the race site was a dream come true. I was so happy to be there, help out as much as I could on the site. I did miss David's meeting with the team and his speech . however I got to hear little kids personal stories which really warmed my heart. I'm glad I got to hang out with familiar people ( Becky, Rachel, Jeannie, Eve, Jamie etc...), meeting new ones ( Barb, Barbara, Holly, Angie it was so nice to meet you all!!). speaking of Holly, congratulations on your 11 years of Brain Cancer Remission! wow I understand ow what RFH means to you. and ur recap really touched me. great one. and to finally be able to meet my fellow canadian wordnerd Tricia after all these years! wow felt so unreal. was so glad to finally meet you Tricia! you were a doll. hope we'll get together again next year! I know that I'm gonna be there next year. no doubt about it. I came this year to honor my mom's ovarian cancer 6 year remission and also to be active in the brain tumor community. I will continue to give time, donate, do whatever I have to help research advance so that someday we find a cure. I hope that we'll be able to have a wordnerd gathering next year so that we all hang out together. will post some of my favorite pics. NOH/RFH '12: 05/05;06/05
  14. Well interesting enough, 1st I heard "Heroes". We Have drugstores or what we call in Quebec "Depanneur". we have a "Couche - Tard" (sleep late) drugstores so I went to one last june, bought some sushis, chips and got to the cash, radio starting playing "Heroes"!! you should've seen the look on my face! total shock! even Clerk gave me a weird look! lmao while I kept thinking "holy sh!t!! they're playing David song on the radio! then in July, I got into a subway restaurant, ordered my sandwich and LO started to play!! another "WTF" moment for me'coz I never heard his songs play in Montreal ever! weird 'coz I would talk to other girls from Montreal (also dc fans) and they've heard CBTM, LO several times!! anyway I'm just glad some radio played his music!! hope I get to hear FIM or any other songs from TLM soon! too Stephora aka Cookieerd0006 Declaration Tour '09: 13/03;23/05;03/08;04/08;02/10;03/10;14/11;16/11 Loud Tour' 11: 02/12;09/12 RFH '12: 05/05;06/05
  15. Great pic of you and Jamie, Stacy!! Loud Tour'11: 02/12;09/12 RFH Weekend 2012: 05/05;06/05
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