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  1. Yes yes yes! Pretty please with sugar on top? It seems like there's going to be a pretty long set! I like the sound of that, even if I'm unable to be there.
  2. High five, Kateland. Kittens ftw x] bahahaa.
  3. Kateland, I don't think you could've put any of that any better.
  4. I'm dead after reading through this thread.
  5. Thank for those pictures! I'll see what I can do with them.
  6. Wow, Monty's 45?! I thought more like 40. Anyhoo, I'm an artist and have done portraits of the whole band except Monty. So, does anyone have any good, large, high-resolution pictures of Monty I can use?
  7. Amazing pictures Debbie! Thanks for sharing! And that tie... I thought it looked familiar! Though it's surprising he hasn't lost it. It's sweet... I wonder if he wore it because the finale was the end of Idol, and this show was like the end of DCTR. I wonder if he put that much thought into it.
  8. The Pearls are very different, but I like them! But then again, I love anything that comes out of Andy's mouth. <3
  9. Kyle is about the most entertaining thing to watch almost ever, end of story.
  10. So cool that the author of the poem likes David's tattoo! I hope David's seen those posts. She seems like a good lady too. And I'm not just basing that statement off the fact that she voted for David, no not at all... x] I think the tattoo's a bit big, IMO. I love David's smooth, gorgeous skin. I don't want him to get like full sleeves or anything... though it looks like he's headed that direction... :\ *sigh* Well, that doesn't make me love him any less. I'm sure all his tattoos will be as beautiful and tasteful as the ones he has now.
  11. Aww, thank you guys very much! Yup, the first one's Andy. I always have trouble with his big, huge, adorable eyes, so I decided to draw him where you can't see his eyes... x]
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