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  1. http://www.montysaysshit.com/ This was announced by Devin
  2. http://www.montysaysshit.com/ This was announced by Devin
  3. http://www.debaunfuneralhomes.com/steven-k-humphrey-2/ Mentioned a few weeks ago about my high school band director having brain cancer...sadly, he succumbed to his cancer this weekend. Will attempt to go to next year's R4H in his honor. But, as mentioned before, this Saturday, is the local American Cancer Society Relay for Life event, which I'm now taking last minute donations here, for those not attending this year's R4H.
  4. http://instagram.com/p/mlyTofl5p8/# Bringing this over here. Picture on left is David with Jessica Meuse from this season of Idol [she mentioned meeting him at WorkPlay]. Credit to her friend who went with her.
  5. http://instagram.com/p/mlyTofl5p8/# Complements of the Cookistas. Yes, visual proof from one of Jessica Meuse's friends that she DID see David Cook at Workplay in Birmingham, AL this past September
  6. UPDATE: JSYK, found out from my mother earlier this evening that my high school band director that I admire and who also admired me [who, for now, wishes to remain nameless] is at a nursing home battling some form of brain cancer. Soo…again, in honor of him, once again, I’m doing the above mentioned fundraiser/contest for my local Relay for Life. Please contribute and promote widely. Thanks, and let’s Finish the Fight!!
  7. http://www.mjsbigblog.com/david-cook-mentoring-american-idol-top-8-week.htm Picture he posted was of him with last week saved contestant Sam Woolf. To answer the pending question: Idol is on 8-10pm Wednesdays and 9-9:30 Thursdays [unknown if he's performing this week on Idol or at a later date]
  8. http://cjester27.tumblr.com/post/80828707264/my-fundraisingforrelay-contest So, once again, instead of doing Race for Hope this year [my intention is to go with my mom to NEXT year's Race instead], I'm doing my local Relay for Life [which, yes, is the SAME weekend as the Race]. Towards that...I'm doing a contest. Info about contest is on my new Tumblr page and posted above.
  9. http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?fr_id=59055&pg=personal&px=10722558 To colleagues, As you may know, cancer affects everyone, somewhat or another. In my case, I have 2 aunts who have had that dreaded disease. This was one of the reasons — once again — I decided to participate in the Vigo County American Cancer Society’s annual Relay for Life event, to be held at a place TBA (May 3-4, 2014) with the team for my mom’s place of work at one of the local hospice organization. With that effort, I’m seeking donations towards this very worthwhile organization. Above this email is a link for you if you have anything you may want to donate towards that effort, if you are able to donate to today, this evening or whenever you can. Hope this helps. Please spread the word. Thank you very much. [Also...as ACS Relay for Life's motto is "Less Cancer and More Birthdays", I would really take any donations on Monday, as I'll officially be in my 4th decade of life.]
  10. http://t.co/aYxo2WwtrB = San Francisco "Batkid" story
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