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  1. Just saw that this show was posted on Headliners website. $20 for GA tickets and $60 for VIP.
  2. Went to see him at Headliners in 09 and I guess I'll be doing it again!!
  3. I was dragged into an "adult" store by a couple of friends and I heard Barbasol, hahaha!
  4. He gets pretty pissed off at the person throwing stuff on stage at 4:33
  5. Something my best friend and I would do, just to look like fools.
  6. Thanks Jeannie! Wade was really cool to be around, haha.
  7. Does anyone know how long it usually takes them to upload M&G photos? So far, there is only 30 pictures up for this show, but there was about 100 people there for VIP.
  8. Oh, and Fade Into Me was done without a microphone tonight, and no amps to his guitar. It was completely breathtaking.
  9. The VIP experience was AMAZING! Soundcheck went great! We even got a Billie Jean tease since David brought up the Michael Jackson/Conrad Murray trial. Now I'm just waiting for my picture. There was 100 people in the meet and greet (I think that's what the guy over it told us) and there is only 30 up so far. I hope they put the rest up, lol!
  10. I will be there! I'll attept to update my twitter, it's www.twitter.com/Cristina_Jean
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