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  1. ^Hopefully I didn't offend anyone. I've lived in the country most of my life so I know not everyone likes it.
  2. ^I guess that makes sense, lol. When I think FFA...and I know this isn't true...I would think they'd have all country acts. Farmers...country...it just goes hand in hand for me, but maybe that's just me lol. That's why I was surprised. Maybe I'm just too used to rural Indiana It's all like that. Don't get me wrong though, I do love some country. This could also mean a lot of people who don't know his music, so hopefully there won't be a lot of disinterested kids talking and not paying attention. But what am I saying?? Once they start playing they'll all be like this: lol It's just going to kill me knowing he's here and I can't see him, gah!! He needs to schedule a public show in Indy. For me. Just me. lol, jk...maybe.
  3. Not gonna lie...I'm pretty depressed about this. I couldn't see him the last time he was here (EMHE) and now this! :-( Man!! I'd really love to go! Lucas Oil is such a humongous venue. FFA is all high school students, right? It was big in my high school and I don't remember it in my middle school...irritates me some of them may be going and not me. LOL. Sad? Yeah...but oh well. lol. I'm wondering though...why is he a part of this? Not that there's anything wrong with it, I'm just thinking it's a little unexpected.
  4. ^ I can't stop looking at his boots, though. I really don't like them, lol. Too bad you can't see his boot-AY so I could look at that instead. LOL
  5. Omg, LOL! Lesson learned: do not look at thread about Dave's silly faces while attempting to eat cereal. I almost had mini wheats all over my screen, LOL.
  6. Omg, I absolutely love this picture. Such a good picture... Ahhh!! lol. I just went when I saw it.
  7. He looks great, but I'm really not thrilled about his new haircut. lol.
  8. LOL omg...that pic is so awful. And it's hilarious how that look on his face just makes it so much worse.
  9. Gah, he is so friggin hot. But I have to say...if he gets one more tattoo on his arms I am going to cry. Those arms are one of the hottest things on him (SO hot...) and he's covering them up! Ack!! Not cool, Dave, not cool. So unless he plans on getting one of my name, I don't want him to get any more. LOL jk.....maybe.
  10. He looks like he's sitting on an invisible chair. Sitting hotly, that is.
  11. breann


    GRO was awesome in Indy tonight. Great show. I took a lot of videos, which I will post later. However...my friend and I were in the front and a lady holds her arm out between us trying to get a note to Josh. She hands it to him and says "Stan wrote this." I'm thinking, I know that name... Sure enough. Josh read the note outloud: Long distance request from David Cook. He was asking them if they would do Lady GaGa or Skynyrd. LOL. They said they were going to do better than that. They proceeded to go into an older song, which I seem to forget the name of at the moment lol... then they did Miley Cyrus, Party in the USA. lol...I liked it a lot better than the original version, haha. I didn't get him reading the note on video, but I started filming right after he read it, lol. Anyway...more later... Oh yeah, and the infamous banana man made an appearance. lol
  12. I was highly amused when I first saw that pic. He posted that right before he posted the vlog saying he ran into the door, so I thought maybe that was a demonstration of how he looked after he had run into said door. He didn't reply...I think it was a yes. LOL.
  13. I highly doubt that his tongue is the only long thing on him... His guitar strap ? Yep...it's super long for extra comfort. Wow. is all I can say. lol. Omg, lol.............
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