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  1. I totally thought that is what he said and even now knowing it isn't what he says, I keep singing it that way
  2. That is the absolute most beautiful thing I have heard. Wow, I am in tears, it was so beautiful.
  3. his hair looks great in that picture. I much prefer the color more natural than that dark hair from a year ago.
  4. He really does fill the uniform nicely! I enjoyed watching the game last night. Very entertaining. What a great day for our Mr Cook!
  5. I have thought the same thing, although he is still about 12 hours from me, but when I visit family in Ohio he will only be 6 hours away. That means SIL and I can leave the kids with the brothers and visit Nashville
  6. The music scene nowadays sucks because people have gotten music confused with theatrical displays (to hide the fact that they have zero musical talent) I can't stand it! I will stick to supporting nobodies as well, because nobodies have musical talent.
  7. He didn't get the proper attention at all with RCA. It sure sucks since they were a big label, but he has his fans that could probably do way better promoting !!!
  8. That picture is worth seeing twice
  9. very drool worthy. .For me its the face and those hands.. I LOVE his hands.
  10. my first thought was another paw print too.
  11. This picture really gets me today. The tattoo and chest.
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