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  1. ^Everything Chele said. In my mind this is one of the BEST reviews David has ever gotten, and it symbolizes everything they've been trying to do with their music for the past year. The reviewer gets it, and I LOVED it. And I especially love that it's a review for one of their closing shows.
  2. This may rival the scaffolding at Sunfest where he almost got stuck. LOL.
  3. I was thinking the EXACT same thing. Mentioned it to a friend just yesterday. That would be epic, and wouldn't surprise me at all.
  4. Some pics from the Idaho State Journal: http://journalnet.com/galleries/David%20Cook%20gallery/
  5. I really think there's room for both an MWK side project and for Neal to be totally involved in the next album. Just can't imagine a universe where he wouldn't be.
  6. That is utterly ridiculous. Someone really should mention this to somebody on the tour if they can. If the Chicago House of Blues allowed cameras, this small venue certainly can. ETA: I was at the Birchmere when security just tried to get people to sit down. I can only imagine how well any attempts to stop the show would be received by one Mr. D. R. Cook.
  7. Did anyone get video of the hearthands or remember which song it was near so I could check Youtube? I would really love to see that. Thank you so much.
  8. I think he was throwing the guitar picks at Neal during KOTN, lol. You can see it here: It was a fantastic show. Dave made it absolutely clear that no one was sitting down when security came through, and there was an audience insurrection anyway so it was a total win-win. The energy was amazing and everyone had a blast. Valerie, loved meeting you and your video is great! Look forward to seeing you at another show.
  9. I heart GRO's tweets. They are so funny. Their van stories just kill me. I'm glad they're enjoying themselves.
  10. Thank you so much for all the videos and pics! They are all wonderful!!! Just wondering if anyone happens to remember where Dave sang Lie in the setlist? It wasn't in the original setlist and I'm trying to figure out when he sang it. DCO has it between Kiss on the Neck and Declaration, but they're still waiting for confirmation. Anybody know? And thank you guys, again.
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