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  1. before seeing this picture i was like and now i'm like with a side of gracias david!!!!
  2. To the Cook family, My thoughts and prayers are with you during this sad time. Adam may not be here on this earth any longer, but his spirit lives on. Though obviously I never knew him, I can clearly see from the amount of love you've shown him what an amazing person he really was. "Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality." ~Emily Dickinson. Adam will always be here in our hearts.
  3. Kris: gorgeous. Allison: adorable. David: stunning. Andrew:.......uh. nice personality!
  4. Reading through this thread has touched me so much. I'm in tears. I'm so proud of all David has done for these girls. Him doing this simply just proves once again that he has the kindest heart. David, you're an amazing person. <3
  5. I love Lee! He reminds me of David in a lot of ways, but then again he doesn't. Its weird. However, his voice is incredible. So gritty and raspy. I love it. So sexy! I wouldn't be surprise if he won or was darn close to it.
  6. Mmmm. New hair = Damnnnn sexy.
  7. An all vocal track sounds so awesome. I really hope that ends up happening! And, may I just say, that color of blue/purple looks fabulous on him.
  8. Yay for hearing a bit of that song! It already sounds flipping amazing! and double yay for Dave's complete adorableness.
  9. Holy Crappppp! Definitely glad I decided to procrastinate on that Spanish essay and do something more useful with my time. His lips! And the one with the sunglasses totally made my day!
  10. Holy crap its been a year?! Time flies. Wow. Yay for David and the guys!
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