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  1. Had some bad luck today. Might not be able to make it to this show after all. Dang! All you who are going have fun!!
  2. I've never been there either, but that would be awesome! Going with a my sister and a few friends. Hope to meet some of you there.
  3. I'm Charissa from NY and would like a WN # please! Thank you!!
  4. This will be my 2nd show. Went to Atlantic City and it was amazing. for good seats
  5. Here's a few pictures of David and Neal from the concert in AC. We went the first night..
  6. My computer is acting funny. I will post my pics tomorrow from the show I went too. Thanks for welcoming a lurker. Goodnight!
  7. I went to the first show in Atlantic City in March. Here is my friends videos from that night if you're interested. I have a link to some pics too if you'd like. https://www.youtube.com/NYCookFan81
  8. I am a lurker too and am loving the pics. Thanks for posting.
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